New Psytrance Reviews Site

Monkey Do

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A new psytrance reviews site has come online over the weekend which is a little different in that it's only going to be bothering to review releases that the contributors have really enjoyed enough to bother putting (virtual) pen to (electronic) paper. So the theory is everything there is worth getting (subject to reviewers taste of course).

I've been asked to contribute once in a while, so if you've not had enough of my online twattery over here then you can read some more of it over there...assuming I buy some decent CD's that is :Wink3:

Link: Sonic Energy

And if that's not enough they even tell you what key most of the tracks being reviewed are in (handy for the DJ's amongst us).

Check it out.


I knew I should have patented my "linking tune names to saikosounds samples" technology.