New Release HRcd002''Butterfly Effect''

Harmonia records Oct 27, 2004

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    Harmonia Records
    HRCD002 Butterfly Effect Compilation

    Listeners,Players and Audio Evangelists,

    We have aimed for an audio delicasy for all psy trance lovers.
    After the success of our first compilation» Perception†we had the needto move forward and rise up the quality of tunning.
    This is a fine selection including some of the bigest names in this scene and a few new and uppercoming ones.
    The compilation starts with a massive tune from the wizard TRISTAN.No need
    of words, we all know his skills, here on this cd once again proves why he is one of the highest acclaimed artists.
    WIZZY NOISE deliver us another masterpiece, this monster band from our country continues to explore new dimensions on the psy sound.
    Then, we include 2 fresh and previously unreleased tracks from the French territory, POLARIS and TIKAL after their debut albums this year bring another two ultra sonic tracks that they will make everyone rolling.High quality music once more from them.
    OVERLAP continue to surprise us with their skills, another dancefloor tune that for sure would be played in every corner of the Globe.
    UNISON is a project of dj PAN PAPASON with other artists, the official dj
    and label manager from the ETNICANET team already known for his amazing collaborations so far. Here comes one new hypnotic and naughty tune made by him and Nectarios.
    Next we introduce you a new talented artist coming from Greece called ION, is one ofthe most promising new artists coming from our country. After studing many years classical music his attempt on psy trance proves that he has a great future ahead of him.
    These two new tracks of him are marvelous. Soon his album will be released on Harmonia Recs.
    Last but not least, Anax surpises us with a psy-Fy tune from Serbia where trance is growing rapidly.

    For your maximum pleasure we have co-operated with Avi Algranati
    (Spacecat /Israel) who is responsible for the mastering of this top notch
    cd.The production is better than ever. Do not miss this new high-level
    production, a must have for every single one of you.

    With respect:
    HARMONIA crew

    Track list:

    01.TRISTAN – No Boundaries 140 bpm

    02.ION – E Tom 144 bpm

    03.ANAX – Libria 145 bpm

    04.WIZZY NOISE – 10’o Clock 142 bpm

    05.TIKAL – The World Is Yours 147 bpm

    06.ION – Industry 145 bpm

    07.OVERLAP – Sunglasses 144 bpm

    08.POLARIS – A.I. 145 bpm

    09.UNISON – Porno Trance 145 bpm

    For more info please pay a visit on our new web site:

    >Distribution: ZMA LABEL GROUP
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    holy shit AMAZING! :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump:
    whens it coming out
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