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Hey my name's josh and i basically new nothing about psy till my brother took me to Glade this year. I have since fallen in love with it and am now annoyed to be leaving london for cambridge coz the scene is so big in london. So if anyone knows about cambridge events/parties could I have some info (already know about one thing that goes on at the cow). Psy has seriously changed my life and i don't know what I'd do if i couldn't find it... would be a shame to do all the work to go to cambridge and then leave because of a lack of good music. Any info at all would be really appreciated, thanks.

I joined this forum a month or two ago and meant to introduce myself then but just forgot to do it...



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Welcome to the forum Josh! :happy:

Not from cambridge, and i've never actually been to cambridge
so i'm not going to be much help to you.
Lovely to hear that you went to glade this year...
Good luck at cambridge too!!
Keep your eyes peeeled in the parties section
on the forum, you never know when something
might pop up in your area!!

anyways, all the best... xx Liz


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hey Josh

i spent my whole life in Cambridge before I moved to London a few years ago and can understand your dissapointment as to lack of night life in general and even less psy. Although Cambridge do have the odd psy night on at the Junction and quite a few generally in pubs etc, but I am slightly out of the crowd as far as Cambridge goes n ow and unable to give you any really valuable info.

However there is deffo a few crew who drive up to London most weekends and party who Im sure would be glad to give you a lift. And get in touch with Doc Jon, who although he is at Uni in Edinburgh during the term time, is in Cambridge alot to visit the old family and hes always up for making new friends!!!!!

But watch this space, Im sure a few other Cambridge peeps will appear on here!!



aye there are a few but i think they're mostly hiding...
good luck looking for some fun, i would be directing you to a certain dingy warehouse for starters but i hear they closed it down...

although there was something about a members list at the last psybernetic I was at...

not gonna be in town for quite some time but maybe catch you in the distant future :Smile3:


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thankyouthankyou for the lovely welcome I must come on here more often!

ive been very lucky because on the same day as i arrived i found someone who knew everything, and i feel blessed.


Hey there. Welcome to Cambridge.

I was in the same situation as you last September and just about managed to find myself some nice parties since then. Look out for me at the next Psybernetic if it's still on and we can have a chat. Also, keep your ears to the ground for some barncore coming up soon...


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welcome :Smile3:
im cambridge born & bred but studying in maidstone..
there's not a ton of stuff to do in cambridge but a nice lil community of psychedelic peeps who often venture out of the pretty city to smelly london :p

hope u find some joy psy-stylee!


(PS.. yeah as biggins said, you wanna watch out for that jason geeza :Wink3: he's trouble wiv a capital T!!)