New to the forum, been partying for years.

Toothbrush Steve

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Hi all. Just thought I'd post my first message here. I've been partying for years and will undoubtedly have already have met some of you.

Some of you will know me from Dales fruit & veg shop in Rochester. Some will know me through my brother Alex Stacey who is one of the Dirty Monkey boys who play more of the breakbeat and funky scene. And some of you will have talked to or met my mother, Great Ruaha, who also writes here.

Anyway I'm hoping to make this a good summer, full of partying. I hope you can all do the same.
:welcome: have a fun diddly un time, met your ma last w/end!

G'day there sport! :Grin:

now we got Toothbrush Steve AND Sketchy Steve!!
Does it get any better than that?!?!
I should think not!!

Mr Toothbrush Happy Excite Welcome!!!!! :welcome:
May thy posts be plentiful and full of random whiskery goodness :Wink3:

xx LiLo xx :rolleyes: