new track from multiverse, wanna hear?

very good nice samples and good melodie
Ok just thinking right now bored of the tunes I have on labpc and I need more-so will dl yers give it a listen and quite possibly send feedback. Oh and by the way, I'll let you get orf with nabbing mi werd-I thought that one up-multiverse-back on tha floor in 1995-before badorb thought it up! Never known of a universe: only one with many verses-hence the multiverse was created-incorporating many verses, just like good poetry and layered soundtracks.
im listening to it at the moment, i like the moody melodies and wobbling bass, the mix is (as far as i can tell on mp3) ok, the hats need to be less compressed, maybe on a different bus to the kick compression

nice twisting and psy, maybe just a little bit more shove on that bass and skip on that percussion to give what is a kinda minimal (not as in sounds) tune that ickle bit more of dancefloor kick

Ok late reply.
I like the tune-since you start slowly and gently keep it that way-don't come in with apredictable 1st kick-beat. The melody is great - nostalgik, melacholic and sad but that's good - almost like a nursery rhyme. Then as it's in, the riffs and synths sound familiar - I mean the whole tune - still it's nice. Just your one sample should be kept to a minimum usage - sounds like a synth kick in the background - don't repeat it tooo often - otherwise any good sound becomes cheesy- the sound alternating with a the ping chime (aka yer melody).