new track


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This is the second attempt with cubase and reason. And have achieved a greater result at a third of the time it took to compleate the first track( which will play second on the website)

The track ' Lil Brit ' has taken a more infected mushroomy style . need to take down the sub a little on the bass but is all there.

All feedback welcome!!!!


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yup I agree

got up this morning with fresh ear and have been remastering all morning.

Just up loading new version

should be much netter now!!!


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thanks for the advise!

I have changed some of the synth sounds and introduced new parts and melodies and have yet to look at the kik and bass.

Am not sure as to what a percussive bass would be sounding like?
But i have identified that the kik and bass seem to be out some how when using a bigger system than i have to monitor at home. I think they are out of tune with eachother?

Thanks again