Top 10 New Trance Tops


Direct DJ
10 Tracks Which Have Hit The Spot Of Late!!

01 X Noize Daylight Hallucinations
02 Psysex New Wave Hooker Domestic And Pixel Remix
03 Psysex Dirty 80s Wrecked Machines Remix
04 Broken Toy Girls And Boys\Slaphead
05 Aphid Moon Nu Groove
06 Sirius Issness Radar Detection
07 Eskimo Addictive Solutions Cycle Sphere Remix
08 Psysex LSDance Remix
09 Rinkadink Dads Power Song\Techmology v3
10 Oforia Anti Gravity\Machines Job



Spiral time traveller
nice with ya on the Oforia stuff, i like this album, particualy" Beams of light"
Also Nu groove by Aphid moon.......lookin forward to his new stuff and AMD album


Nice selection Geoff, when are you coming round to play them for me ?


new psysex remix album does indeed have some corkers!
hints of acid tekno creepin back into trance.


Stunning Cunt
toptastic top 10, mate. loving the psysex rmxs too. although i do have to admit to being a little disappointed with the L.S.Dance rmx. looking forward to getting my mitts on the sirius issness and rinkadink albums too :Smile3: