new trance


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hey all,

here's a new track that's my first journey into automation, i'd never got round to learning it before :unsure:

it's called 'MDA', but the picture is a mushroom, becuz i want to try MDA & shrooms together so much... :lol:

any feedback, advice, criticism, abuse, etc. much welcomed :Smile3:

those who are into more chilled minimal stuff might also like 'lama', it's sort of progressive almost... and much shorter than MDA :Wink3:



Nice one mate! Hey, don't you know Owen from Newcastle? I'm sure he's mentioned ya before. :Smile3:


Great stuff... particular fan of the bouncy percussion. :Smile3:

Quite a long track, but develops nicely. Possibly the addition of some 'make ya think' samples would be a good direction to take, could work well with the sort of floating, progressing nature of the track.

Automation's one of life's necessary evils - you can't do everything 'live'... sounds like you've certainly got to grips with it though.

If I'm ever up in the Notingham area I'll have to give you a shout and try to drop by one of the parties.

Can't say I've experienced MDA + shrooms, but MDMA + shrooms is quite a giggle... just get it in the right order :lol:


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fil - yeah, i do, but only from online... we've yet to meet up! i know him from bluelight :Smile3:

Pricey - thanks man! the length is something that's a bit of a struggle really - i know there are bits that could (should?) be cut out, but i kinda want to hold true to the original interpretation :Wink3: more samples is definitely a possibility!

yeah, please do get in touch if you're ever in this area! psycle's a great night, and next month (14 august) i'm doing a full producers set so should be a giggle :Smile3:

shrooms, it seems, go well with EVERYTHING :Grin: