new tunage!!


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hello all,

i have a new tune i'd love to get some feedback on! it's the first one that's been done with a new computer & new software... so any advice/thoughts/comments are most welcome!

i finally got a decent input so i can record stuff into tracks, so there's some guitar work & even some highly-masked vocals in there :Wink3:

the track is called 'psyclical', after the night it was demo'd at...

^you should be able to d/load or stream there!

thanks very much in advance :Smile3:


i'm still learning about how to 'place' the external instrument sounds into tracks, and the only real EQing practice i get is on the dagobah / pure filth soundsystem, once a month (curse these puny speakers! :Wink3:)

cheers man glad you enjoyed it :Smile3: there's another harder one up there if you fancy a listen!!!