New tune after forums advise :)


what do you reckon to the arrangement?

im still in my infancy of working out when to put breaks in and how long the actual dancy bits are. So im not to sure whether to concentrate on;

a groove with less breaks;
or have a groove which chops around quite alot with more breaks,



Really nice sounding track dude! Very nice smooth sounding production (in the humble opinion of my ears) and some good crunchy synth sounds.

I feel that structure wise it needs to pick up pace a bit more though the mid and end sections. There are times when there is a breakdown then when it kicks back in it hasn't gained much more energy than it had before the breakdown. Dropping in a more powerful off beat hi-hat and more agressive syncopated percussion would do the job nicely IMO. Also it might be worth experimenting with increasing the tempo by a few bpm too.. what tempo is it at the moment?

Also I reckon you could add a few more incidental sounds - FX, sweeps, stabs, percussion shots etc to lead the listener along, (particularly in the earlier sections before the main synths get going). I always have this problem in my tunes - I put down a nice synth riff or two and loop it but what I really find difficult are sounds which evolve or 'answer each other' to make the music like a narative which draws you in. All the best prog trance does this really nicely. It's something I'm still wrestling with at the moment! Unfortunateyl I'm a lot better at critique of other peoples tracks than I am at writing my own :irolleyes


cheers man,

yeah the arrangement kinda losses its flow during the middle bit,

its all the extra bits to do afterwards that are a pain in the ass, making swooshes noises all over the place and basically giving the song a gollsy paint job.

always helps to getr a second opinion



sounds very hux-fluxy... my pc speakers are too crap to comment on the production, but sounded ok. maybe making the fills more interesting would benefit. also a bigger variation of sounds? lastly, maybe a slightly extended intro?
all criticism though, sounded ok


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Fromem_Ory said:
maybe making the fills more interesting would benefit. also a bigger variation of sounds? lastly, maybe a slightly extended intro?

Agreed (as usual eh :Wink3: ) I do like 4:29 though... :Smile3: but IMO it could do with some more texture, it feels abit too minimal for me...

From what I can hear of the mix it sounds o.k. however the mp3 file itself is only 96kbps it's not really high enough for me to really analyse the actual mix.

From what I can hear though, the track needs more highs, the hihats aren't crisp enough in my opinion, try a little boost in, or working more with an e.q., the actual volume and the hipass settings (then again, the highs are hugely affected by the bitrate)

The kick and bass are nice, possibly a little more "click" could be added in the kick (a high-mid e.q.'ll do)... also the track doesn't seem to have enough depth for the speed of it (IMO)... I.e. maybe some of the lines could have a lower cutoff on the highpass, or better in the low mids to get a better sense of warmth an depth...

Otherwise an enjoyable proggy track for sure... some nice sounds (just wish there could be a few more :Wink3: )



yeah the mp3 format has sucked all the life out if it! although will look again at the hi end of the tune, i don't think i have even varied the hi hats over the tune so will get some life into them

this was made with my new monitors (fostex pm-2) and the high end on them has taken a little while for me to get used to.

to fromem ory, have thought about leaving the kbbb line out for a little while and extending the into so will look into that!

cheers for all the comments



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reminds me of huxflux too :Smile3:

very trippy. hmm, i think it's more trippy with slower tempo than it would be with standard 145 bpm.

the mix sounds good on my monitors. synthprogramming is well done, quite weirdo . but build up and arrangement need further refinement to keep it interesting throughout the whole length of the track.

have you put a chorus on the bassline ? it sounds spreaded.


there are two bassy lines going,

1 has the proper bass cut out of it and has quite extreme chorus effect on it,

the other kbbb is staight down the middle

cheers for the comments