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OK, so this is as finished as it's gonna get I reckon. I need to move on! Started writing this ages ago (so be kind), and have since upgraded the studio somewhat, so I need to start something fresh to use the new equipment.

All feedback welcome, so you can put me on the right track for the new stuff :Smile3:

The tune's called Groove, the other one on the site (Headfuck) is rather old, and consequently not much good - so listen to the right one!

Enjoy :Grin:
slinkytronic -

i like the bass intro section. the kick might be a bit long
but i'm not sure... the synths that come in at 0:27 do remind me
of cosmosis as well - especially the earlier stuff!

'groove' is definitely an appropriate name :Smile3: it's got the funk

nice 'noodle' sounding synths at 1:25, i personally would have
slightly larger sounding transitions, but it fits in well with the
understated track :Smile3:

the piano parts are great, properly bluesy :Grin: and the return after
the break is kewl, reminds me a bit of protoculture (in a good way :Smile3:)

the samples are kewl throughout, and i like the gradual ending...

good stuff!
cool i enjoyed that good work m8........may the psy force b with u always

could sound a little brighter I think. the tune is cool just a little work on the mix and master would make it really banging, compare yours to the tune System error has put up. good work tho.

Sax James.
A'up Pricey Nice to see your tune up for all to hear. Still like’ in this one.
Only thing maybe you could play around with the velocity of the piano parts a bit to make it sound more natural althogh its not to important asI'm to busy groovin to care. :partysmi: :partysmi:
Cheers guys,

Nice to hear some feedback finally... I'm flattered it was all pretty positive. :o

Seuss - Thanks for the intensive breakdown, sounds like you really 'listened' to it... you're spot on about the Cosmosis and Protoculture influences - I'm a massive fan of both, but try to keep them from showing too much in the music. I'll work on some 'bigger sounding transitions' I know exactly what you mean m8...

Sax James - I appreciate the comments; Compression and Mastering are two areas I really need to sit down and work on... I might get Psyfi to help me out on this sometime, as I know he knows his stuff in this dept. Also lives not too far away :Smile3:

Thanks to everyone else for the kind comments. Hopefully I'll get to grips with the new equipment and have something a little better up here in the next month or so.

Groove on :Wink3:
Hi, I like the tune, well done. I'm not usually a fan of blues in trance (especially infected mushroom's red filter and blues brothers) but the little piano trills worked well.

Didn't get a chance to look at the waveform but from the EQ meter in winamp it looks as though more volume can be squeezed out of it though of course it will be at the expense of dynamic range. The dB audioware mastering plugins are great, the mastering limiter allows you to easily get 3/4 dB more out of every tune and prevents clipping.

It reminded me of the sort of music my housemate writes so i played it to him and he thought it was great too. I think you'd like his music, he's just posted a link in this area (the morganism one).

Post more tunes as you write them Pricey, keep us updated. Good luck!
The "groove" track was excellent, my favourite of what was there.

The whole track had great "ambience" nice use of reverb all the way through. Also it sounds "musical" which is a big part of the tracks appeal to me. The timing and flow of the track work with all the breaks in suitable places and not dragging on too long.

As a matter of taste I would have added more percussion (esp Hi-hats). Plus a little variation in the synths, either changing the tone over a section or introducing a few differnt synthlines.

Over all you've done really well.
I'm now off to listen to the rest of them.