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didn't like the sound of the beats at the start, but of course they fit in when the tune drops - cool. sketchy stuff- like it! still doesn't seem as clear as other mixes I have at 192 mp3 res. maybe a little more work on the mix and on mastering. what plugs do u use for these?

very good tune, well into it, just maybe needs the overall mix cleaning up.

The truth is, i compress each track but i have not used a multy band compresor on the end... i do not have one.... :Sad: i just use the compressor on logic.... the basic one,,,, if you have any suggestions please let me know. :Smile3:
it's crude and I've never tried it, but you could split the mix into 3 (2 sends to bus channels) or have three copies of the mixdown in 3 seperate channels. Using eq hi cut one so it's just the low end, bandpass the other so it's the mid part, low cut the other so it's the high part. make sure where you cut off is about the same to get 3 chopped seperate bands. then apply whatever compression to each band. That is what a multiband compressor does, so it's the same thing.

otherwise the sonitus fx are mint:

the sonitus one uses 5 bands, you could do as many as you want.

thing is if you compress, say your bass is really strong. what happens is that the bass is compressed, yes, but also everything else is compressed the same amount, taking all the energy from the mid and high making the overall sound deader. if you can compress each bit seperately then you compress the bass the right amount, the mid what it needs to still have punch and the high to keep the energy and sparkle of the sound.

I read a really good article on it recently will find the details for u. nevertheless what i said above should work ok.

Sax James.
Logic 6 express eh? that's a bit of a bugger. the Logic one is rated very highly. i know someone who has tunes signed to dnb labels who only uses Logic for it's multiband compressor. All the Logic native plug are mint, all u need perhaps, forget Waves, etc if u have them, unless u particularly like them