new tune!


Pie Fly
ohoo nice noises on the intro. I thought it was some birds out side my window at first. Like the submerged moaning kind of noises. Nice break at 2:00 and it comes back well too. Like the floating lead that comes in at 3:30 ish sets the beat of nicely.
The production sound good on these speakers nothing is getting lost behind anything else. Good work.


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Ello mate - hows it going?

Will be looking forward to getting home and giving this a blast!

Sturdy Pete

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ey up! things go well.. you going to cabbage on sat?

cheers for the comments psyfi - glad the bird noises work :Grin:


whirling mathematician


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so I cant take the "javascript and pop-ups must be enabled" and it will still work for people who have it disabled (and a pop-up blocker on)?

I'm always learning, but not necessarily the same lessons ;o)


i like it, nice and floaty, varied and some nice breaks. sensitive melodies with pleasing pitch changes, and funky basslines!
good morning music
i think a pat on the back is in order :sun: :Wink3: