New tunes for you to hear


Had a great time listening to Freaky Deekey it is an interesting track that kept me listening unlike Planet safari, which has its moments but I kept loosing interest in it for some reason which I can't verbalise right now.

FD is a track that I am able to listen to again and again, good work.
Well, well well!

No need to be cruel. :Smile3:

Checked out Freeky Deekey, and thoroughly enjoyed it. You remind me of Sandman, in a good non-plagaristic sense! If i HAD to criticise, i'd be tempted to make the kick a touch louder, but that could be the headphones i'm listening on. Clearly, you are well on the way. Good work, and keep it up.
Thank you chaps.
Yes I do think that Planet safari is the weaker of the two and it’s also the oldest.
Things happen in it but not much point is made of the changes. Thanks for pointing it out.
Guess I haven't posted here before, but your Freaky Deekey tune just convinced me to do so - : what a groovy track, really nice concept that constantly seems to change yet still keeps to the same concept. It does remind me somewhat of sandman, as speakafreaka pointed out, but without the paranoia inducing atmospherics he sometimes introduces into his tracks.

One point of critizism: some sounds are too "clean" for my tastes - I mean a slightly more twisted lead sound in the last part (instread of the square wave sound you're using now) would fit better with the general twistedness of the track IMHO.

overall it's a great track though!
Very nice PsyFi!

As expressed by the others here, Freek Deekey is the best tune there, but i like your style.....all sounds nice! I think you just need to add a bit more 'meatiness' to some of the sounds, in particular the bassier sounds. Maybe that's a limitation with the equipment your using although i'm not an expert by any means!

Great stuff tho! Keep it up! :Grin: