New Years Eve

tamstar Jan 8, 2004

  1. tamstar

    tamstar Guest

    Hello, just took hours to find you love bugs but now i'm here desperatly searching for photo's from the fantastic n.y.e. party in kent, anyone who went must still be coming down i'm sure? Never seen so many gooners, any way fluffy bunnys, love light and rainbows. and a big fat kiss to all you happy people out there! :partysmi:
  2. Plank!

    Plank! Guest


    I have 72 pics from NYE.
    They've been reduced to 640 x 480 and zipped into 1 large (3.2MB) file

    PM me and I'll email it to you


    Some of them are posted on this thread :Smile3:
    Click Me!
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