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Always good to hear new stuff! There are some nice ideas in the tune but also some issues with mixing, the style sounds kinda older goa stuff, although im not an expert on the stuff,

- Put the bass line higher in the mix, crank it up!

- Try eqing out the 350hz of the kick drum, also look into getting a better 'whack' on the kick, a bit of compression wouldn't hurt either.

- eq the hi hats so that the treble is more refined, try boosting 7-8 khz

- theres loads of info on psy-trance mixing production on hear, a wealth of knowledge

if you want to check my tunes


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Thanks for that Carl, I'll certainly give your eq suggestions a go.
I prefer The Awakening to the psy stuff but both sound well produced. Havent really heard any psy trance thats rung my bell yet..sorry!

I'm always up for turning the bass up though m8..nice 1.