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Been wanting 2 start producing 4 a while now as it is the next logical step from djing, is it gunna b possible 4 me 2 produce mainly being software based & wot software / midi controllers r good 2 start wit??

I recommend Propellerheads reason. it is totally software based, and easy to learn. It is great for sampling and the synthesisers are good too. Check out Ebay if it seems a bit expensive. I won't go on about how much I like Reason, but check out if you want some ideas what it invo;ves. The Prodigy's new album was written totally using this. Send me a message if you have any questions. :Wink3:
Mate its totally possible for you to make releasable tracks with fully software setup. Reason is a good bet as the man says. cubase and a few plugins is nice. Some swear by Ableton or fruity loops but personally i dont like them , try a few demos out dude and choose! good luck man.
Ive had a little experience on Cubase, Fruity Loops & Reason (Although I think that the fact that the last Prodigy album was produced on this to be a 'reason' for it to be avoided, but in the end it was the producer to be blamed for the album lack of quality), and I find that Cubase is excellent, but my mate swears by Fruity Loops - in the end it helps to find an experienced friend (maybe someone on psy-forum who lives in your area for example) who can lead you through the software, but in the end its all about the groove inside! If you love the music you'll be making and listen to a range of tunes too, when you've gotten around the software a bit and know how it works you'll start getting the results you want :Smile3:

Have Fun :Smile3:
Reason is a good place to start. I actually began with Cubase, but now I've found my home with Logic Pro 7.2. My suggestion would be to stick with software for the time being, once you've grasped the basics I think the first things to buy are a midi controller and audio interface :Smile3:
reason 4 is as good a place as any to start if you use mac osx or xp. ( avoid vista ... bug ridden crap !!! ) get a good sound card with asio drivers . ableton can be run as host software and is useful as a dj tool and for complex tempo changes . good quality nearfield monitors help make your music sound good on any hi-fi or soundsystem ... good luck !!!
*wonders how many people spotted this thread was from 2004* :ilol:

anyways, Cubase, imo, is the best place to start, and finish, the layout will help you understand a hardware studio if u ever choose to use one, the tools it has are superb, the VST's are simply amazing

The only reason I suggest NOT using reason, is the lack of VST support, fukin around with rewire is just to much of a mission imo, you are stuck with whatever it has to offer, Reason is no harder or easier to learn than cubase, but it is limited, thats not to say it aint a wikid app however :Smile3: