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Hello everyone !

First we would like to introduce our selves as Butterfly Records

Butterfly Records is an independent Underground label based in Malta ( Kemic-Al Lab Studio ), The concepts of creating the label are purely to release unrelased Underground psychedelic music of my own creation, also to release underground music from our artists friends from around the psychedelic globe.

The label is dedicated to a long lost friend Sharyn who we lost in a tragic accident in Holland 4 years ago.


So to say the least Butterfly Records does not form part of Butterfly Recordings U.K. (DragonFly rec, ect ect )

Thanks Peace with ALL best of vibes & EnjoY life !!!
The demand is so strong that a second repress of “Twisted Parameters†is in the works, for those who did not manage to get a copy from the first limited edition release.
And it’s no surprise seeing that most tracks from that very album are being played in parties all over Goa, Japan and Europe by the likes of Teo (Discovalley Records). Giuseppe (Parvati Records) Byzught (Parvati Records), Hose (Floro Baba).

The cover of the album has been changed in design for the second repress also album will be remastered.

We also would like to thank all the friends who helped in making this possible !

The repress will be made at Sony And will be distributed world wide by Wirikuta -

Other online shops:

The date of the release will be mantioned close to the finish of the works

Visit the Music section To listen to 1 min. samples of each track.(Samples pan left to write porposely)


1. 1888 a.c. Train to madness 138bpm
2. What lies in the shadows 138bpm
3. Piskumany 146bpm
4. Wake up call 146bpm
5. Peace on earth remix 145bpm
6. Batidas por minuto 148bpm
7. Twisted Parameters 148bpm
8. Klassic-al 148bpm
9. Z-Zora

Contrary to what many may be expecting of a trance artist, Twisted Parameters actually presents an alternate perspective of this global genre, largely revolving around the artist’s particular taste for sounds and rhythms as opposed to the formulaic synthesized (and swirling) prototype that gave trance its initial appeal. As such, Kemic-Al’s approach on this album has been to construct and develop all the sounds from scratch, straying from this ‘homegrown’ philosophy only where vocal samples are involved. The basis of the album was in fact constructed from mutated and manipulated percussive sounds, as most of the nine tracks here will attest.

Aural accessorizing was in fact kept to a minimum, with the result that the music often dwells inside a dark area that owes as much to trance as it does to techno, with the common (and only connecting) factor being the hypnotic psychedelia-laced rhythms that Kemic-Al is clearly attached to.

Of particular note here are the tracks Wake Up Call, whose nifty samples are a clear example of Kemic-Al’s favoured quote that ‘Sound is the art of seeing invisible things’; Klassic-Al, where musical interludes are meshed and fused together to great effect (and possibly the album’s most mainstream moment); and Batidas Por Minuto, whose warped sonic groove (subtly tinged, I thought, with a Liam Howlett electronic accent!) Psy-trance and psy-tech, apparently are the coined phrases for this brand of dance music, and indeed, there are elements here of both. Adding a third dimension to the album is closing track Z-Zora, which opts for a chilled approach to bring the feast of beats and rhythm mesh to a cinematic end!

The parameters of the music may be twisted, but Kemic-Al nevertheless retains the spirit that gives this album its vitality!

Dark & Powerful [url] 41[/url]

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Butterfly Records
From the Underground !
Hello everyone !!

Well at last Twisted Paramters is in the works cooking slowly BUT surely, as I mantioned before the album has been Remastered and also changes has been made to the cover of the cd.

But unfortunatly we still can't give you the release date just yet, but sure you will be first to know

BoOm ShAnKaR