NGOs at The Synergy Project

A lot of you will already know that The Synergy Project makes space and facilities available for Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) at the Synergy parties in SE One.

We're looking for more NGOs to join us, and given that there are a lot of politically aware people on the forum, I thought I'd raise the subject here.

Basically, we can make a prominent space available within the venue for any organisation that shares the very broad terms of reference of Synergy. Leaflets, stalls, films and projections, or performers can all be catered for. We've even got a small budget for the more adventurous ideas.

Everything from safe sex to international arms trade, from cycle power to 3rd world development. It's all welcome. At this stage, the more the merrier.

If you've got links to any such NGOs please get in contact with me on - with as many contact details as possible. If you already know what the NGO might like to do at the party. so much the better - though that's not at all essential.

Get back to me as soon as you can. The next party's on the 18th February, and the clock's ticking...

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Have forwarded to a Manageress at the British Red Cross, although they tend to be pretty specific about where and what they do for promotions ...


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Hi Barcs!
Have already spoken to Dom Spiral about having a stand to make people aware of the new Drugs Bill that parliament is trying to get passed. We have been working on it a lot, will e mail you details.

All the best! Looking forward to Synergy!!



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Thats a really good idea - i have never been to synergy - this makes me want to go even more :Smile3:


Baraka are giving a lot of thought as to how we can go about doing this in the space we have. It's a wicked plan, thanks Synergy :sun:

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Would Education Otherwise be allowed a spot? We promote the fact that school is not compulsory, and give all the legal stuff and other helpful bumf for letting you child learn out of a school environment.


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I've often wondered about this for the NGO of which I am a paid employee.

Have sent you an email, Barclay, as requested, with a copy to the Head of Public Relations of Book Aid International. Am not sure whether any of the other staff are prepared to stay up all night manning a stall - and I ain't doing it alone!