Nick Doof?


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what in tintern abbey are you talking about?
Anyone know what Nick Doof's up to?

I knwo there was Vatos Locos last year (meh) which was him and someone else (meh), but anyone know if he's working on anything by himself?

and/or does anyone know any means of contacting him to book him? and/or does anyone want to book him?


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Sunny Sheffield
I interviewed Nick for Upfront last year - he's now living in Ibiza. As well as the Vatos Locos stuff - Nick was also working on the Third Ear album which he hoped would be done by the turn of the year - but it doesnt seem to be on LSD's release schedule up till the summer - so not sure whats happening with it - I'll see if I've still got the interview saved & post it up here - Best way of contacting him is through Dragonfly - I'd love to see him play in the Uk again - but his style has moved right away from the narrow confines of modern psy tarnce - so not sure who'd book him now..


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Sunny Sheffield
here we go...

Nick Barber Intreview (unedited or proof read!)

Where & what are you up to (like today!)

Right now, like today, i'm in london, but more usually you would find me
in ibiza, where i've been based for a couple of years. I've been catching up
with friends, shopping for some bits and bobs for the studio,(which is one
thing ibiza is not at all good for),and collecting some music.

How led to you working with Xavier Flux and Ceri Firmi?

They were both friends of mine before they met each other,i knew xavi from
mexico and celli from ibiza. Then they met each other in mexico and became
friends,so the music making was a natural extension of us all hanging out

What would you say you each brought to the music/how do you differ in how
you work?

Theres quite a wide range of musical tastes between the 3 of us...just in
terms of dancefloor music,xavi comes from a background of house and old
school ibiza from his early djing days,celli is a longtime member of the
gms growly family and loves to keep the energy blasting on the
dancefloor,and i guess i would be the old school trancer in that mix,who
still loves a good melody and remembers trance trax under 140! hoho but
instead of causing chaos and mutiny in the studio,that mix seems to work
for us.

How would you describe Vatos Locos to someone who never heard them?

Its the best up to date old school trance sound on the planet today...if i
were you i'd drop what you're doing right now, go online immediately and
downl...err,i mean rush out and buy our music.

Did working in Ibiza affect the feel of the album?

I'm sure it did,in too many ways to count...most of the album was composed
there,and i think the tracks reflect that.The more blasting ones from the
album were all done in mexico city.Its tempting to think that making tracks
in the city or in the countryside produces a certain kind of music,but i'm
sure there are endless exceptions to the rule.

Any fave tunes on the album? And why?

Personally,a clear fave is gates of may not be the most pumping
track,but its all the more atmospheric for that, i think. Theres something
there that touches an emotional response in me, and thats a kind of magical
thing with any piece of music, when it know, where does that
come from? Its a wonderful mystery to me.

Any plans to re-release the first Vatos Locos album?

I hope we do get a chance to release it in europe, but i've a feeling that
will depend a lot on the level of interest in this 2nd one...such is the
modern world we live in.

What sort of music do you listen to these days?

I'll give pretty much anything a listen just to see what sticks...on top of
the amp right now i can see the new Pitch Black album (electro dub from
nz),the last album from the Libertines, John Williams plays Bach, Franz
Ferdinand, Raja Rams Stashbag vol.3 and the Goldie Lookin Chain album haha.

Any thoughts on the current psy-trance scene?

I'm happy that the scene is flourishing into the 21st century.

When is the Third Ear album due out? Does the process of writing for that
differ than for Vatos Locos?

Not greatly,the difference is that these are all downbeat or ambient tracks
which didnt fit the vatos sound and in the end deserved their own
project,and of course that its just celli and i in the studio.We hope to
release end of this year,start of the next,depending how quickly we can
finish it! No,theres not that much left to do,we just had to put it on hold
for a while to do some live shows during october.We didnt want to rush
it,tho' the writing of the album has progressed we're both getting the
feeling that we're on to something good,and we want the album to sound the
best it can.

Thoughts on the Third Ear album?

As i say we're both excited about it...i know it sounds a bit blahblah but
I really cant think of anything else that sounds quite like it...and theres
a couple on there that i think could be some of the best music i've ever
been involved with producing...i think the partnership with celli in the
studio seems to bring out the best of both sides,and cancel out some of the
negatives of working alone...its a joy to work with someone who is not only
a top mate but a top talent as well.

Any plans for any live shows to promote either of the albums?

We were at the omni festival back in august, in spain, and last week in
tokyo. last i remember we had a london date for the start of december, for a
dragonfly party, so lets see if that will happen.

“Lets Turn On†is still regarded as a bit of a classic – what do you feel
about it almost a decade later?

I'm very happy and flattered that its still well regarded after all this time...for me the album captures a certain time in my life,a certain feeling thats expressed in that music...i wouldnt want to try and recreate it now,i've moved on in my life as a
person and as a musician,i hope,but at the time it was entirely unpremeditated and sincere,and i hope that quality still comes through despite the changing tastes and subsequent advances in music technology over the decade since those tracks were made.

Ever had any offers to remix any of the tunes (I’d love to hear Angelina brought up to date)
Sadly a lot of those oldies are lost to the mists of time and the dat down
the back of the sofa problem...and the fact that tracks, like angelina, were
being made on a stoneage black and white atari home computer which stored
onto floppy discs...dont ask. but i'd love to hear a remix too!

Theres been quite a few of your tunes released over the years on various
albums – any plans to collect them all together?

No, but its a good thought.

What was the boy band style Vatos Locos promo photo all about?
Sigh...ask sony dance division mexico. it was their, like, of the
many joys of our brush with major label business.

What are your plans for the next year?

Following up the release of the 3rd ear album in the start of the year, then
there maybe something new coming up for the 2nd half of next year...let's

Finally - anything you’d like to plug/rant about/mention??

It might seem a bit of a jump,but youth's label butterfly are compiling an
album of unsigned new folk artists,at the moment to be called "what the
folk?",which i'd highly recommend to everyone...and not just because i have
a song on there too.oops... Thats it!! hope this is ok,nick.


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Sunny Sheffield
and finally (three posts in row - sorry about that...) - here's a posting from Isratrance from "Vatos Locos"

Jah man..... We are organizing a bunch of stuff in Ibiza this summer.... First, Zulu Lounge will be hosting the VIP room for the SPUN parties at Privilege....Although we wont be spinning dub and chill, we will keep thinhs more tranquilo than in the main room....
Xavier Fux and Igor Marijuan will b spinning tek house-electro and dubby house.....
For more info, dates and full line up check, spunoutinibiza,com
We will aslo be makin a record release party at Kumharas the first week of July with dj sets from DOOF, Celli, Xavier Fux, Michelle Adamson and a live by Lunar Sound and BN Loco.....
Finally, every thursady Xavi will be spinning at the Zulu Lounge, Ibiza....
Hope 2 c u there!!!!


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Inside the Bristle Marshmallow
wikkid... mr barber is one of the very few producers that i have liked every single track i've heard. and the icing on the cae is that he likes GLC... what a boy :Wink3:

would love to hear a rmx of angelina and/or mars needs women too :Smile3:


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Sunny Sheffield
Nick Barber has produced one of my all time fave albums and continues to release quality tracks - so glad to be of service



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nick produced a couple of tracks on my album which is coming out in june. he also has been working on an acoustic album of his own songs which Youth will be releasing. the third ear album is astounding and there are quite a few new vatos tunes which have been kicking up a storm on global trancefloors too.
hope this helped