No good can come of this...killer flu recreated "to see whay it's so dangerous"

Monkey Do

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Right, so there was this flu virus in 1918 that killed 50 million people. Contemporary flu is quite tame by comparison.

Quite logical then that scientists would want to recreate the really deadly one. I mean it's not like they won't be able to spot it trying to escape or anything.

But just to make sure they make enough info available online for other labs to knock up a quick batch.,3605,1585977,00.html

dave arc-i

i saw the report on this last night - a current flu variation was given to a group of mice - at the end of 14 days all were still alive - the same experiment ws conducted with this genetically similar version to the 1918/19 one after 4 days all the mice were dead


Lunar SeeD
Colin OOOD said:
They're making double sure the 'terrorists' know where to go to find the gene-sequence for the virus, and exactly how virulent it will be once it's been released.

and that there will be no-one around to develop vaccines.
microbiologists have been dying mysteriously for the last few years - the count is now above 100 worldwide, i believe...


They have the black death in a vial also so it has happened before. Silly billys. Like the clever people that wanted to create a worm hole in california.