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Urk Oct 6, 2004

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    It wasn me
    Basically, it looks like Michael Moore has been trying to encourage young disaffected USA Yoof to actually get off their Arses and vote.
    Mr Moore hasn't TOLD anyone HOW to vote, but he obviously understands what the effects of voter apathy have on their very fragile democratic system...

    So, during is comedy show circuit of uni campus's he has been doing, one of the things is :
    Good idea eh? a comedy way of getting kids to realise that if you don't vote, you have no voice.

    Not everyone appreciates his efforts though......
    Mr Moore is not the only one who understands the effects of voter apathy it seems, and is being accused of bribery !!!

    Now, I could be being very cynical here, but my take is that the Republicans know that their own supporters are more likely to actually get off the lard-arse off to the polling booth, and they are not going to like the fact that there might be more opposition to there cause, just because Moore is encouraging people who would not usually have, to vote.

    Or is that just fcuking obvious to anyone not living in America ?

    (Quotes and story taken from )
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