Not Psy-trance, but.... Feedback Please! First Ever Review.


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Just listening to the new FBS album.... i'm on track 2, and so far its pretty cool.... I'm having a go at being a reviewer, so feedback would be appreciated... i'm predicting quite a feel-good album, surprise surprise.
First Impression means what i thought within 20 seconds of the song starting. Obviously, probably.

1. Don't let the man get you down
First Impression: Wicked start to the album
WICKED lyric that gets repeated... such a cool track, perfect album opener
"and the sign said, long haired freaky people, need not apply" wicked sloppy bass.

2. Slash Dot Dash
Everyone knows this one already, damn ass repetitititititititive, good if you like that sort of thing

3. Wonderful Night
First Impression: Wicked song!
I really like it... very Old Skool Fat Boy..... but almost, too much of a song to be mixed by a dj

4. Long way from home
First Impression: mellow, mellow, mellow....
sort of lamey-tame at the start, random lyrics... bit of a mixed bag. I vote thumbs down. a bit "funky country"

5. Put it back together
First impression: Freaky Guitar. Could lead to shite.
Again, almost to much of a complete song to be mixed by fat-boy...almost like no dj involved... a good thing? i have no idea. Sickeningly feel-good. Sort of lame female singers going "du du du du du du" in a sort of stupid annoying way. imho. Okay cant stand this im changing the track. I'm so impatient.

6. Mi bebe Masoquista
First Impression: Nice guitar! (thinks- lots guitar in this album)
oh my, its gone very kraftwerky for 10 seconds.... strangeness..... Quite slow... not really sure bout this one... oh wait...JUST as it gets to 2 minutes exactly in, this wicked bit happens. Makes it okay. Sort of.

7. Push and Shove
First Impressions: GUITAR AGAIN!!!!!! (strange angle norman... wicked though) weirdweirdweird
okay, must admit i skimmed through this one... didnt listen to the whole lot... But... again... whatever, I'm not in the mood. I am a girl deprived of chocolate. Someone took my ben and jerrys. Oh yeah, review mode, review mode....

8. North West Three
First Impressions: Its like what heaven might sound like when you first walk through the doesnt mean its good... just very...heaveny. NOT "heavenLy" but "heaveny". (Dont believe in god for the record)
This track is making em feel odd... like i'm sliding down a slide on a giant pillow through various cloud-jazz clubs. ie jazz clubs on clouds. Its very odd. And for some reason, i'm lying on my front on the pillow. Looking at the sun going down. On primrose hill.

9. The Journey
First Impressions: Hmmm....
I'm trapped in a computer game! *recognises singer from 3rd track...* Retract the computer comment, its like in 5 second bursts very occasionally so it doesnt really count. Wicked little rap 02:40ish, hehehe funny, when is he gonna breathe???!!!!? Crazyesy CRAZIEST robot voice i have ever heard, 03:27!!!!! Track grown on me. Sort of.

10. Jin Go Lo Ba
First Impressions: Wowweee vortexy space crazy is this frickin techno? jesus mother of mary!
Okay. Now the cool bit has finished... i think its a bit shite.
[revelation] 02:01. Tell me that isn't a psy-trancey sound. [/revelation]
Growing on me.... My god..this is so trancey it shouldnt even be allowed.. WARNING< WARNING....... seriously! 04:26...its psy trance, i'm not joking. Help jesus i have discovered something sordid.

11. Song For Chesh
First Impressions: Boring..and then COMPLETELY changes direction. Still a little bit boring. Maybe i'm still angry at finding the major psy-stealage. and i paid money for it. Rah. Okay. Boring.

12. The Joker
First Impressions: Pianoey. lol.
Space Cowboy! Okay, LOVE IT. already. Its only 30 seconds in.
I'm bopping, boppy bop bop. I'm a joker, i'm a smoker, i'm a midnight toker!!! Lyrical Genius. Fat Boy is a legend. We can forgive the psy-stealage. WICKED this is a wicked song. The lyrics make the song.. good listening music, shitty background music probably. Joker, i'm a joker, joker, "the jookeeerr is wiiiiiiiiiiide"!!! Repeatage to the maximum!

Wicked start, WICKED ending, sort of squishy in the middle, but still, Jolly good show.

I never thought i would say this.. but BUY THIS ALBUM. Then listen too it and read this, and therefore find the good bits.
My first ever review with minimum criticism!

Feedback would be much appreciated, if i'm gonna do future reviews...i am aware my reviewing style may be a little unusual so i'm trying to gauge whether anyone else finds it useful. Or amusing. Or something other than boring. Cheers!
Sorry for the lack of info in the first half of the review, bit thin on the ground i know. Don't be put off. :lol:

edit: and i just realised, if you don't like ANY of fat boy's music, you won't like this. End of. But undecided peoples might just swing towards yes if they hear it.