Not so Psy stuff


Psy Trance Admirer
Hello All!!!

After doing the previous chillout album, I've gone back to writing dance music. If anyone fancies a listen, they can get the new album/project at :

It starts off Funky House then goes to trance, then hard trance then a little bit of hardcore at the end. But don't let that put you off... I tried to keep all the elements of trance in all areas...

If you do download, I'd be very thankful for some feedback. We can only get better if we know how to improve...

Oh and for the geeks out there, this was all done on a computer using Cubase 5 (of all versions) and various VSTi's....

And if anyone wants a Hard Trance DJ mix I did a couple of months back, they can find that at

Enjoy! :Smile3: