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Hello Everyone....

First of all, i'm a complete newbie when it comes to music making so if my question is a bit lame please excuse my ignorance but i'm here to learn and i'm hoping somone will help me.

So here we go... :Smile3:

How do you guys make your melodies/ Rhythms? I try using the Piano Roll but i find it very hard to write down the notes on it. What i do most of the time is Place one Long note on the piano roll and then use the chop function and than randomise those notes. Once this is done, i move the notes around for like AGES and even then i don't get the melody in my head down on paper if you can say that. Its very frustrating.

I waste so much time just shifting things around, its killing me!!

Do you guys have any suggestions? Any tips on how to use the Piano roll more effectively? Books i could read on how to read music? (i think i need that), Midi Keyboard? but these things are so bloody expensive and i can't afford to spend that kind of money so soon in my learning days. or do i have to? Is there something cheap available or do any of you guys want to donate one to a poor old student? :Grin:

Can anyone help? Please...... :Smile3:

Thank You!


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mate - get a midi keyboard ......

mess around for 5 / 10 mins ( or whatever ) playing your melody on the keyboard - record the midi - voila - mess about with the result in the piano roll and you will get where you want to be alot quicker !!!

Have you got midi in / out on your soundcard / pc ? If so just keep your eyes peeled for ANY cheap keyboard with midi out ...... doesn't have to be flashy .......

Remember when programming in the piono roll for maximum expression make sure you use different note lengths and different velocity's .......

No real advice for arranging little blocks to make nice melody's I'm afraid ..... the way you are working it will be trial and error ......


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i used fl studio without a midi keyboard for years without too much problem. the most important thing is to have a way of playing samples or synths in real time so you can listen to the notes and work out what sounds good.

the way to do this in fruityloops without a midi keyboard is to enable the option "typing keyboard to midi" which is in the options menu. this lets you use your computer keyboard as a musical keyboard so you can play notes. (in exactly the same way that some trackers worked, if anyone remembers them...)

you could probably record these notes live into the piano roll, but i've always found it easier to work out what notes i like in what order and then enter them manually into the piano roll. (if you have the piano roll open when you play notes then as you play notes the corresponding key on the right will flash so it's easy to tell which notes your playing)

hope this helps - i was in exactly the same position as you a few years ago (student, no money, just fruityloops to play with) and managed to have a lot of fun and write some pretty good music... :Grin: now i've got a job its all expensive hardware though... :? :bananada:


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You'll never get much satisfaction from music (IMO - unless you're lucky every now and then) by trying to write things randomly. It's too frustrating and lacks soul. You've got to hear things in your head and find ways of getting them down on an instrument, computer or whatever - if you're not a musician then try humming or whistling.

TO hear music you have to practice it - that's why parents get you to start learning music at a young age when you can pick things up easily (well at least my parents did - I started the violin aged three!).

Good luck. :Smile3: