Nova vs Matt.B ::minimalia::

nova (ultimae records)

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Nearly two years after their first split mix, The Brixton Session, Nova and Matt B have joined forces again for another exciting collaboration, an exclusive music affair for leading Japanese radio Samurai FM.

Minimalia is a sonic manifesto outlining shared passion and vision for a more abstract and glitchy approach to ambient-avanguard and downbeat electronic music, a nice contrast of cold dubs, angular sounds and loopy yet haunting rhythms and melodies


nova (ultimae records)

Junior Members
...and here's the tracklist!

01 - Off The Sky "dripping lightly, diffuses..." [Autoplate]
02 - Digitalis "rentrer (snarecrisp mix)" [Thinner]
03 - Tipper "forty winks" [Silverline]
04 - Donnacha Costello "always a part" [Mille Plateaux]
05 - Drøn "silkey" [Elektrolux]
06 - Klutch "tups float" [Lo Recordings]
07 - Lufth "duisburg links" [Thinner]
08 - EU/Helen Riz "kermit" [Lo Recordings]
09 - Rasmus Møbius "vintage" [Thinner]
10 - Jan Jelinek "they, them" [~scape]
11 - Gras "bluetenstaub" [Stadtgruen]
12 - Vladislav Delay "demon(s) cuts c" [Huume]
13 - Thomas Fehlmann "du fehlst mir" [Kompakt]