Novation Remote 25 or M-Audio Ozone?


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I'm flogging my Fatar Studio 900 (I've got 10 thumbs) & going for something a bit more manageable. Can anyone recommend either of these, or an alternative - I've got ~£200 in the piggy bank.

ive got a novation remote 25. it worked (very well) for a while but now seems to have stopped working. however i think this is the midi port in my souncard and not the remote 25 as it works fine through usb on other peoples computers (but not on mine cause theres no usb drivers for os9 aaaaaarg) anyway, i wish mine worked. there good i reckon but only if your on a pc or mac os x.
might be up for selling mine (obviously after checking that it is my soundcard not the keyboard itself! :Smile3: )

anyway go remote over the ozone i reckon. mabey wait and buy a novation remote audio for around 400 ( wish id done that :sad: )

anyho good luck with it all

see yya
Is it just a midi controller you need, or something that functions as a sound card too?

I have an Edirol PCR-A30 for my laptop and I can't recommend it high enough.

Well designed, well made, reliable and sounds great.

Its also powered from the USB buss [unlike the M-Audio Ozone] so no external PSU required.

I paid £130 for mine but that was in Tokyo.

They do a non-audio version too - the Edirol PCR-30.

Good luck.
As I understand it, M-Audio make good gear, but their customer service is appalling if and when it goes wrong. Novation I haven't tried, Edirol (Roland) have lousy manuals but their gear is well-built, fairly easy to understand and reliable as f**k.

Thanks for the input chaps!

I'm basically looking for a controller keyboard, with a few twiddly knobs I can map to Cubase effects, etc. I'm using an M-Audio Delta soundcard, running under WinXP Pro.
Seems fine so far. Haven't really had a chance to brake it in yet though. :Smile3:
ok I've had a few hours on it now and I've got to say that it doesn't feel as solid as the Novation but then I still have a wallet full of scores and a huge grin on my face when I twist the fuck out of my Oddity with my new found best friend! :Grin: