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high ye all & grüezi mitenand
my name is david aka nygma, swiss (actually swiss german to be precise :ilol:Smile3: and i discovered your lovely forum sometime last summer. rediscovered this site 2 weeks ago, where i've posted the infected in concert thread on the international party forum. got some pretty direct responses, not aimed towards me, but... i get the general picture on how people in the uk feel about psytrance vs mainstream trance.

you know what? i totally agree with what has been said, here in swiss no one wud dare to "criticize" artists as IM in such a (let's say rude) manner. that's why i luv the brits, always direct, ehehe.

anyway, something to my person: i'm a party organizer & promoter, dj, and passionate psytrancer. if you're an artist in what ever kinda genre, such as music, deco, or whatever might be interesting and wanna explore swiss this summer... well, pm me and maybe we can work things out. I just know that summer's gonna be hot here in chill swiss.

http://www.frakasound.com (gonna get a new look soon)

cheers :irazz:

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Hi Nygma, welcome to the forum, have a biscuit, put your feet up and make yourself comfortable :Smile3:


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Well all i can say is youre definatly in the wright place If you wana criticize artists such as IM...

....and while you at it why not have a crack at Skazi,

That will earn you brownie points for sure!!

(No pun intended)


Yeah nice one mate! Welcome on board!:ismile: