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VSTi & Standalone Addictive Synthesis / Monophonic.

Aeolian Meditation is an complex addictive-additive synthesizer playground with a unique a-symmetrical design capable of generating unique and beautiful melodies, meditative and Hypnotic drone tones, movie and musical soundscapes.


Addictive and Additive Synthesis – Aeolian Meditation is a unique digital take with a twist on the ancient Greek instrument of nature.

At the core are two signal chains – harmonic overtones and noise colors.

The harmonics section consists of the first twelve harmonics at the set frequency. These twelve sine partials are each amplitude modulated at different speeds and depth providing for an ever changing and ever evolving tone.


Modulate Everything – Aeolian Meditation features intricate and powerful modulation capabilities where everything is modulated by dedicated controls, evolving in free rate or in sync with the project tempo.

Volumes, frequencies, filters, effects – sound emerges and flows in magical directions.


Powerful FM capabilities – The FM especially allows for out-of-this-world sounds.

Not only can you toggle the FM source from MIDI to a set note to a frequency knob, the FM also utilizes dedicated modulators that tweak the source frequency and FM depth.


Play it like a monophonic synth or morph your vibes to strange and magical planets by switching to note or frequency based drone mode.


Colorful Effect Section featuring reverb, delay, chorus, reducer and filter. Endlessly sculpt your sound beyond the initial synthesis.

OSC APP - control Aeolian with your Android phone or tablet

Aeolian Meditation features a dedicated Android application that lets you control the synthesizer using your phone or tablet with full bi-directional control capability.

Every parameter on the device is represented on the app, as well as enhanced functionality such as XY pads and randomizers.