Oh bugger! :sad:



so close to finishing a track i was gonna upload for you guys to check out n comment on but my left monitor has blown.....oh fuckbeans.

my fault n all, must have forgot to turn em off, i turned the main sockets on to start a wee session and -'ping'- the lil' blue lights came on straight away...'oh fuck' was my 1st thaught and sure enuff now one of em distorts

so i got to pack em up and take em back to DV :sob:

what am i supposed to do now eh?

so, anyone here ever blown their Alesis M1 Active MkII's?

how long were they gone for repair?.....im gonna miss them baby's :wub:

imak x
fuckbeans indeed - well I may as well go and hammer them a bit before tomorrow then eh ?!

Oh yeah - I'm at your house dude - not good at mine at the mo ...... hope ya dont mind .......

thas bad luck dude. i thought id damaged mine a few months ago, but when i tried them again they were fine which was soooo lucky cos i woulda had to send em back to germany to get em fixed.