Oh, look, new tune!


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This one sees me go back to my roots, heavy breakbeat cainage and phatties subbass, very very hard, erm, :o :o :o !

Oi Keirutsu boys! I'd like some special attention from you! :cool:

Thanks for listening, comments and hatred welcome!

*** The Cassandra Complex ***

:ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:


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some really nasty sounds :Smile3: like the beats a lot :o true break carnage. :punk: like the bit esp coming in at about 5.18 onwards. am inspired to mashup breaks now, although am trying a different method.

isn't this meant to be a psytrance forum? :Grin: :Grin: :Grin:

digging the MDS tracks you posted before altho haven't had time to check all of them yet. :cool:


ruff. don't invite that round to your grandma's for a cuppa...

makes my breakbeat ventures sound like fluffy hippy shit.

classy/class a.

like the little mindfuk at 6:26