ok i got a mix on my puter

NiQu!D Feb 17, 2004

  1. NiQu!D

    NiQu!D Guest

    ok i got a mix ive done on my computer in 193 mp3 quality .. where do i upload it to? as i want my mix to be accesable to thousands of people who probbaly will want to listen to it...

    do i have to put it on a host site ?
    how much space can i use ?
    im sure u cant put loads of megs for free on a host site , how much will it cost?
    where does real player come into all this?
    will it take a rocket sientist to do all this? :runsmile:

    please can some one enlighten me on this kinda thing as i wanna share with the world my love, style and flavor of the music i love

    Cheers mateys , i know u wont let me down!!!

  2. Goz

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    Well that depends on your host. They may let you use as much as you like ...

    Again that depends on the host. They may allow you to put large amounts of data on their space for free, it would probably be hellishly slow though. TBH, if you have an internet connection you probably have webspace. Its probably the best plan to use that cos its free and fast and your ISP will probabyl have a webpage explaining how to do it all :Smile3:

    It doesn't ... unless you convert your MP3 to a RealAudio file (Please don't).

    Shouldn't do :Smile3:
    Nah its all quite easy really.
  3. NiQu!D

    NiQu!D Guest

    cool thanks
    now where do i get the isp pageform?
  4. Monkey Do

    Monkey Do #1 Internet Toughguy

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    I'm touching myself as I write this post.
    The host isn't so much the problem as the bandwidth. At 192kbps your file will be pretty large (off the top of my head I think it takes about 90meg per hour), depending on how long the mix is you could be looking at a couple of hundered meg. 5 people download it and you've transferred a Gig.

    Most cheap hosts have pretty low bandwidth caps. eg for the £20 a year I pay for mine I get 6 gb transfer a month (with an option to buy more).
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