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Most of the really rare stuff already sold on Psynews, but there's still many interesting releases here...

Mostly these are like new. All are CDs.

*R* means reserved but not yet sold.

Payment via Paypal, bank transfer, Western Union, cash by mail, whatever suits you :Smile3:

For Trade: (want: TIP Blue, Etnica Juggling... Transwave Hypnorhythm EP)

Ree K - Yammataikoku *R*
The Mystery of The Yeti (original 1996 TIP release) *R*
Mystical Experience (original 1996 TIP release)
Project II Trance (near mint CLASSIC from 1993...)
Menis - Temporary Insanity


Digital Sun - Spiral of Power
Elysium - Monzoon (BNE versoion, I think there was some other too?)
Har El - Pagan Moon Child *R*
Germinator - Alosakum *R*
Lumukanda - Araglin
Man of The Last 3rd - Evosonic *R*
The Muses Rapt - Spiritual Healing (orig. Dragonfly)
Mystica - Age of Innocence *R*
Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation

Fill Your Head With Phantasm 1
Survival of The Trippest 2 (Tim Schuldt etc... Nice fluoro case) *R*
Score (Aurinko's first CD, Tim Schuldt & co) *R*
Andromede (Transpact 1996, Martic Cooper & co)

Gaia 1+2 2CD (1992. very very early trance sound from germany. Erection's Suck My Dang-a-long, SMILE's Tribute to Goa and so on...mostly really crude sounds)

Gaia 7+8 2CD (1994. This is much more goa already, Johann Bley, Masa and some more unknown acts from that time)

Eraser & Yöjalka - Tarinat
Genetic - We are... (original dragonfly release with white covers) *R*
RA - To Sirius
Shiva Space Technology 003 (practically shidapu solo)
Oochi Brothers (Dakini 1999)

Global Psychedelic Trance 1 (The 1st Spirit Zone comp! 1999 re-release) *R*
Singularity 2-001 (a comp of old Flying Rhino trax, Slinky Wizard, Technossomy,etc)
Journeys Into trance - Classic soundscapes 1995-1997 2CD (Sid Shanti Goa mix from 1998)
Arsim on Acid *R*
Trance Siberia Express (Purple Legion 1997, Russia)
Signs of Life (Blueroom 1997)
Zep Tepi (Chaos Unlimited 1998)
Divi:Nations (TIP World)
Mideranged (Furtive 1999, obscure South African label, the only release? ok acidic stuff)
Movers And Groovers at The Temple of Dawn (Tip:world)
Schlabbaduerst 002
Trance de Eivissa (TIP:world)
Psychedelic Vision - The Best of Phantasm Records 2CD (a collection of old Phantasm releases, but UNMIXED unlike the old Fill your... series) *R*
The Orb - The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld (original 1991 pressing!)

Fo 10e you'll get:

Mac Mavis - Gatefinder
Kove IV - Insane
The Overlords - All The Naked People
BIOT - Synthetic Organic
Sun Project - ZWORK
Shakta - The Enlightened Ape
Indoor - Progressive Trance (Avatar re-release)
Solar Quest - AcidOphilez (swedish acid frmo 1998) *R*
Analog Pussy - Psycho Bitch From Hell
Johann Bley - Signs & Signals *R*
Kingston Wall - Freakout remixes (Texas Faggott etc)
Kopfuss Resonator - Spect-R-Module
Luminus - Journey Into Your Dream

Goa Gil: Forest of the Saints
Distance to Goa 1,2,3 (From Distance's re-release set) All three 20e!
Psychedelic Flashbacks 3 (4CD set, one of them by Chris Organic! Others by Shamanic Tribes on Acid/ Jupiterhead/ Transequence) *R*
Tantrance 1 (digipak in mediocre condition, CDs good)
Typhoon Trance (obscure israeli release, my guess is from around 1999, sounds like Impulse Tracker to me...)
Another Taste of Transient (transient 2CD)

6 euros!

Johann - New Kicks (Perfecto Fluoro 1996, 4 track single) *R*
The World of Goa Trance 2CD (ZYX 1998)
Trancelucent 2000 2CD (Transient 2000)
Spirit of Goa (in Spirit of Goa Trance vol.1 casing? weird tracks... from 1995. very obscure)
The Second Mind of Goa 2CD (1996, also commercial trance from Platipus and so on from that time)

Full Lotus

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I have a spare original Tip Blue :Smile3:


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Well, then the question is, are you interested in trading?-) I have lots of stuff I haven't listed but might consider parting with. Do you have a wantlist?