Oliver Jones - Picking Up The Pieces (Sofa Beats 2006) CD


Oliver Jones – Picking Up The Pieces

Artist: Oliver Jones (Denmark)
Title: Picking Up The Pieces
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Sofa Beats (Denmark)
Cat. #: SOFA BEATS CD 02
Distribution: twohandsdistribution.com
Date: March 2006

Track listing:

01. 01’32†Oliver Jones - Intro
02. 07’36†Oliver Jones – Misty Morning
03. 07’25†Oliver Jones – Club Velour
04. 05’20†Oryx – Horn Control (Jaw Control Remix)
05. 03’49†Oliver Jones – Aurora
06. 03’28†Ojos De Brujo - Nr Ventilaor R 80 (Mochila Remix)
07. 06’33†Oliver Jones – Picking Up The Pieces
08. 08’04†Oliver Jones – Money In The Pocket
09. 06’20†Oliver Jones – Dynasty Dundee
10. 05’21†Oliver Jones – Benchmark Modesty
11. 07’04†Reefer Decree – 7 Minutes


Sunny funny future jazz frolics…

The debut album Picking Up The Pieces by Oliver Jones is officially Sofa Beat’s second release, but due to a number of circumstances resulting in a massive delay, it was actually released after the third release Floating Point 3. Further problems followed when the CD was issued with an error-riddled tracklist, but the tracklist used in this review is the official one corrected by Iboga Records. Oliver Jones might sound like a single producer dude, but it’s actually a moniker used by a Danish duo consisting of Oliver Bierlich (Oryx & late Reefer Decree) and Jonas Christiansen. Let’s find out what the guys have conjured up for us…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Oliver Jones – Intro
The intro is a pretty sleek trumpet-bonanza accompanied by some choral experimentation and some floating harmonies… Not bad, but too short to make a lasting impression…

#02: Oliver Jones – Misty Morning
â€What’s going on here? … Hey, who told her? … So, this house is haunted?†Next up is a very hip, laid-back, inner-city dub-groover… Edgy, smoky and totally groovalicous… Perfect for late nite driving in urban environments or as the soundtrack to hedonist rituals in a high-tech future jazz club… Yeah, this is pretty damn nice downtempo… Smoking!

#03: Oliver Jones – Club Velour
This track was originally featured on the 2004 Iboga chill compilation Floating Point II and once again we’re exposed to a deeply jazzed-up dub-tune… Loads of wind instruments + subtle percussion here… It’s neat and harmless, but also slightly boring I’m afraid… Wallpaper, but nice wallpaper nevertheless…

#04: Oryx – Horn Control (Jaw Control Remix)
This track was originally on the 2004 Oryx album Advanced Retromodel under the name Jaw Control. As the title suggests, this remix has been fitted with a bunch of horns and trumpets and so on… The Reefer Decree touch is also very much visible – and especially the distinct Curved Air reverb groove is very much present in this lovely tune… A slow-burning, low ripping chilled piece of music… Lush!

#05: Oliver Jones – Aurora
Next up is a short little track which is basically a mish-mash of dub, electro and jazzy shenanigans. Flow wise it works pretty nice and DJs spinning alternative music might find it useful… It’s interesting yes, but sadly too short to make a lasting impression on me…

#06: Ojos De Brujo - Nr Ventilaor R 80 (Mochila Remix)
This track was originally made by the Spanish ensemble Ojos De Brujo - the children of the street rumba and polyglot flamenco. Here it’s remixed by Oliver Jones in an elusive Mochila outfit. Confused? So am I, but do not despair, as this is a smoking tune… Style wise we’re somewhere bordering Gotan Project and Fila Brazillia… Mediterranean upbeat flamenco-tech… Totally lush and totally sexy!

#07: Oliver Jones – Picking Up The Pieces
The title track is also a turning point away from the lush, laidback grooves – and this is a weird synth-meets-80ies-electro hybrid… Spacy modern at times, and déjà vu retro-like at others… And it’s definitely among the funkiest pure-electronic tracks I’ve heard in a while… Like the classic Popcorn tune exposed to pure Moroccan hashish… Very interesting!

#08: Oliver Jones – Money In The Pocket
This track is perhaps the most evolving one off the entire album… It’s like a journey from deep inner city dub, over sharp electro-clash to wide spanning, epic and Balearic trance… The melodies are somewhat melancholy but somehow they still manage to make me smile and bounce my head… The sheer level of musical styles is very impressive in this track – it’s another stand-out!

#09: Oliver Jones – Dynasty Dundee
The next track continues the synth-meets-80ies-electro of track #7, but where it really worked earlier, this attempt seems more forces and the novelty is wearing off… Advanced Atari-electronica here – not bad, but not great either…

#10: Oliver Jones – Benchmark Modesty
The last pure OJ track is perhaps the most uplifting on the album… Subtle breakz & percussion, huge organic pads and dream-trance piano melodies… Sounds like something that Moby would conjure up after a 72 hour ketamine session… And that’s meant as a compliment, as this is a pretty sweet tune. Maybe a tad on the cheesy side, but the irregular beats saves the day…

#11: Reefer Decree – 7 Minutes
At the time of release, this track was a taster from the upcoming Reefer Decree album Point Of You released by Iboga in May 2006. And holy shit, if I wasn’t looking forward to the album before, I sure am now… This is pretty minimal club-tune that’s absolutely soaked in retro-electro FX… Like tech-trance made on a 1990 Amiga and tweaked on a 2006 Powerbook… Sweet!

The Oliver Jones album is good – and much better than I expected. Style wise, this is not as chilled as the rest of the Sofa Beats catalogue. Sure, it’s downbeat, but at least half of these tracks work equally well on the dancefloor as in the chill-out… And hey, that’s a good thing! I also really like the musical diversity of this album. Lounge, dub and chill, electro, dance, club, ethno world beats and much, much more – we really get all sorts here! It’s the full package!

I like the majority of the tracks here – and there are no painstakingly boring tracks either. And most importantly: This album doesn’t sound like anything else released within our scene – it’s very, very refreshing and for that reason alone it’s interesting. The retro cover art fits certain aspects of the music, but I doubt it will win any design prizes. But who cares, the music is great and I’ll recommend this to anyone interested in unique electronica. This is nothing, if not unique. Enjoy!

Favourites: 2(!), 4, 6(!!), 7, 8(!), 10, 11


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Senior Member (discounted rates)
i've been listening to this album for a few weeks now...
i really love it !!
Its grown on me the more i listen...
i recognise track number 3, club velour from off floating point vol2 compilation
yoink yoink...
but like what deathposture says, it really has got all sorts on here
very unique...

i havent worked out wish track is my favourite yet
don't think i have one...
its a good listen all the way!!

one of my most played cds at the moment :Smile3: