on the way for a new pc


me n me shadow
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problem... i know very little about computers
my specific needs are a motherboard with at least 4 pci slots, and if possible, video card integrated?... integrated video card with dual monitor output, is asking too much?
my present computer is running 2 videocards so that i can use 2 screens... if there are no motherboards with integrated videocard with dual output, what should i choose?
motherboard with integrated video card plus a videocard, or motherboard with no videocard and get one with dual output? what do you think?

what i'm thinking to get is a tower, motherboard, processor and ram(its with this bits that i need more help)... i have already a 400W powersupply, but a bit noisy one, do you think that if i get a good tower that i'll not need to get a new psu?
i think that's all, i have hardrives, dvd, qwerty and mouse and screens... am i forgetting something?
i consider all my computers knowledge very obsolete, i feel i know nothing of motherboards and processors, dual processors, rams, 64 bits...

thanks for your help


token aussie
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be wary of integrated video. they can be handy but sometimes they share a bus with other devices (pci bus, the firewire/usb ports) and this can harm performance. from memory this was a complaint with some of the earlier PCIe boards. i think youd be better off getting a motherboard and a seperate video card with dual output. i think with certain maxtrox cards you can plug 2 dvi monitors into the one dvi slot on the card (with the appropriate cables and stuff).

lian li make a nice case that will last a long time over many upgrades. a 400w psu should be fine.