one of my monitors just blew up!!!


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ok i was just in the middle of working on some music, not playing it particularly loud, when a big crackly fizzy noise came from the back of one of my monitors and a nasty burning electrical equipment smell. i turned it off and unplugged it but i cant see if anything is wrong from just looking at it. has anyone had a similar problem before? its a behringer truth b2031 and ive had them about two years. if i need to send them away then im fucked cos i have no money to pay for repairs and i need that speaker to get my tunes ready to give to a few people at the glade :crazy:
I've heard bad things about the truth's dying :Sad:

But you might be lucky, there should be a fuse round the back somewhere, check the manual, maybe.

Replace that, if its blown and you could be lucky.

My suggestion would be to try mixing in mono using just the one speaker. Alternate that with listening through another system, eg. a ghetto blaster or a MINI hi-fi. Listen to some reference mixes before you get started to get used to your new setup! That way you'll still be able to get a good idea of the quality of wht you're doing.

There's no reason why this misfortune should compromise the quality of your mixes in any way. Don't forget that Ott mixed the whole of Blumenkraft on a £50 ghettoblaster.
Major Bummer Dude! I just received two Truths last week so I find this slightly concering!! :sad:
BTW, did you have surge protectors on you power source at all?
I mixed on headphones for ages before I got some monitors, you just have to take into account the difference in the stereo field a lot.
And I never knew that about Blumenkraft - I'd had rumours but nothing that extreme! And also, I thought it was Ott who said that Posford's monitors were unbearable!
Good luck.
Rorymonster said:
And also, I thought it was Ott who said that Posford's monitors were unbearable!

Everything up until the Tales Of The Inexpressible (Shpongle II) was apparently mixed on a f**ked pair of hi-fi speakers.

IIRC (And I have bled Ott's head of a lot of detail and learned loads - thanks dude!) - it's got more to do with how SP likes his monitors positioned - at the far corners of the room - that Ott can't handle, as opposed to the type of speakers - especially now SP's got the Mackies.

Ott, having grown into the kind of hunched position that can only come from spending far too long bent over a hot mixing desk, has his monitors close together and right in front of him.

Ross - I hope you get this sorted... Don't know if this'll help, but see if you can use a set of hi-fi speakers for working on the stereo field and do the fine-tuning of the mix in mono on the remaining Truth. Best of luck!

yes, i dont have any hi-fi speakers but i do have some open back headphones and some really (REALLY) crappy pc speakers so if i keep going back and forth between different systems itll turn out well im sure. once againg thanks for all the help and advice guys. on the bright side ill probably learn alot from this cos in the couple of years ive had them i havent really listened to any other speakers (apart from when im out) and it will be some time before i can get this one fixed.

the truth about truths

i've got a pair and one tweeter fried when my girlfriend (bless her) accidently tripped on a cable - which pulled out a connective jack

i had to send it back to dealer, who sent it back to behringer, who faffed for a few weeks b4 sending back to dealer, who faffed b4 sending it back to me...

... i plumbed it back in and u guessed it - nothing (give or take a second or so of LED action)

they then said, send 'em both back... so they go to dealer then manufactorer, then come back - eventually - one one has BAD dent/scuff from transit - but the whole thing took about 2mnths, so i didn't bother shouting 'bout the dent, as i was just keen not to be without monitors again

my advice - with these monitors, always switch on last and turn off first.... oh yes, and dont break their connection while running

apart from this - i love them

ps, if u need to mix down (and have a helicopter) i'm in Cornwall

pps, good luck
Ross dude - good luck - Oh and If you are handing your tunes out at the glade I want a copy !!!!

me ME ME !! :Wink3:
well, ill certainly be bringing some tunes along but it wont be the latest ones because guess what....your gonna love computer just completely died and now refuses to even boot up properly. im currently in my mates room using his computer to send this message :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: will it ever end?????? fortunately my computer is still under warranty so i dont have to pay anything to get it repaired, but for me to get it fixed, get it back, and finish my new tunes in 6 days is gonna require some kind of crazy time-travelling miracle. what ever happened to that smilie with mr happy smashing his computer with a big mallet?

Yeah - Shit - It happens to the best of us .....

.... < reminds self to get some back-up media quick ! >

Good luck and I'll see ya at the Glade !