Online psy-clothes shops


does anyone know of any shops that sell psy-clothing online, or any shops that have a website ?

i'm looking for some new stuff to wear at Glade this summer........

thanx for any help you can provide.

Peace, Marc.


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nubia is wicked wowza but those prices eeeeekkk


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A couple of websites of places that started off doing flouro type stuff in the goa days but have moved with the times little...

and Hexagon in Camden's webite- though you'd probably be better off going to visit them

and my good friends shop in Harrogate (N Yorks) and nearby parties & festivals

BTW Nubia are Swedish arent they - so even the most expensive pixie top is probably only the same price as a pint over there!


Walking Disaster Zone is my favourite so far.....thank you emma

btw. does anyone know where to get more of those wicked psylo wear stuff?!?!?

chilam balam

chilam balam
well there is a sit that is calleds trance shop, has a cool stuff specialy a label called APPLE CORE its all about fluoresece but with style


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Greetings from 6362MetaForce!!

Our on-line boutique is now OPEN and rocking!!!

For leather and suede bags, belts, hip pouches, skirts, and party gear - - plus eco-friendly jewelry and pipes - - please visit us at

We are based in New York but we ship worldwide from the home bases of our Indian, Ecuadoran, and American artists!!


Just click the category you're interested in on the left sidebar.

For questions etccc please contact

Best wishes & BOM from NYC !!!