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hiii im i lil bit bogglled by all this machinery and technology im atempting to deal with but im saying hi coz me mate umberliegh sed i shud. I have yet to explore waht all u lot are really going on about but it seems most insane which i think is great. We just went camping in the forest which was lovely the sky was huuuuuuuge. looking forward to chatting to ya kiddies, peace and magic lurve ambalinaballerina zingalinga or tree fearie messy blond :tongue1: :P :Grin: :bananada:

Glad you managed to find the board ok.

Last weekend in the woods was great. The night sky was so beautiful.

Go check out the parties and festival boards, i'm sure we'll be able to find something we can both attend, since you can't come to Psylidarity this weekend. :Sad:
:welcome: to the forum.. Party onnnnn

oh camping - i will have to go out in the woods soon - i feel i need it!!!! :wub: :sun:

and welcome!!!! :welcome:
welcome to the forum :Grin:
Hi zingaling & :welcome: to the forum :Smile3:
:mad: :mad: :mad:
hello and welcome to you.....

my smilies links ain,t working........doh!!!!