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hiii im i lil bit bogglled by all this machinery and technology im atempting to deal with but im saying hi coz me mate umberliegh sed i shud. I have yet to explore waht all u lot are really going on about but it seems most insane which i think is great. We just went camping in the forest which was lovely the sky was huuuuuuuge. looking forward to chatting to ya kiddies, peace and magic lurve ambalinaballerina zingalinga or tree fearie messy blond :tongue1: :P :Grin: :bananada:
Oo, I just passed someone just like you earlier in the forum, have you a twin? :P :Wink3:

:welcome: :welcome: :welcome:
yeah hello & welcome doooooooood,
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it is f kin big that old sky thing,and its getting bigger??????
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:welcome: to the forum...

The sky was huge.... chemically enhanced I take it :P

Space is best on acid... that look really really big.......