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New Generation (Organic Records) 2004 (ORGCD007)

1. Dick Trevor Vs. Aphid Moon – Blinking Lights
2. Aphid Moon Vs. Organik – Happyland
3. Organik Vs. Jerry Parsons – Hot Cakes
4. Error Corrective – Switch
5. Voice Of Cod – Its Just A Ride
6. Organik – Electric Eel
7. Alchera – Pole Star
8. Mr. Biscuit – Oil Crisis
9. Unconscious Collective Vs. Organik – Neptune Driver review:

oh yea, oh yea! England is swinging once again and to prove it here comes the new cd in time for the summer from the underground uk trance producers. If you caught last year's Psytelligence comp then you'll know it was proper banging - and this is the next step :Smile3: the damn fine artwork on the cover will attest to that - it's a new look and a new sound all round.

To open Dick "Green Nun" Trevor joins forces with Aphid Moon and they provide a very smooth little number which funks and blinks along building very progressively into a tune that will keep us all grooving along very nicely. Aphid Moon continues the collaberation type thing next and hooks up with Chris Organic and they start to raise the intensity. Much darker and deeper with a asphalt underlay bass line which plays the lead role throughout laying the path for a scifi-esque parade of resonant sonic characters. Organik is the next tune too in cahoots with Jerry Parsons and we take a turn for the and cryptic is the feel with a soaring optimism as seriously screehcing 303 lines pick us up before dunking us headfirst into the pounding bass. Error Corrective are next and the solid oompah-loompa bass drives us along as all sorts of deep space station whirrs and effects go off complete with a surreal atmosphere. Voice of Cod serve up another corker - thank the great fish this duo started writing tunes! This one is quality trance all the way through - the vocals are absolutely great, and the tune swirls and judders around us in an oh-so-friendly way :Wink3: I can't stop playing this just cos of the sample and it always leaves me dancing! Organik on his own is track 6 and its another one that machine guns its way out of the speakers carrying more seriously twisted synths. The debut from Alchera is at track 7 and shows real promise. It's a wanderer of a tune - never settling for long at anything and visiting some pretty strange places on route! Mr.Biscuit, who's building a bit of a reputation for off the wall tunes, gives us Oil Crisis - and it's a solid thumper which builds itself up to go a bit tits-up mental at the end. The Unconscious Collective team up with Organik to close and they take the pace down a bit and add a bit more funk while retaining a nice gentle tripped out feel.

Without hesitation:
+ + + + +

This is a real quality batch of tunes - a step on from Psytelligence and likely to re-establish Organic amongst the top flight of uk labels. All the tunes are original and groundbreaking - always twisting and shifting while throbbing and pounding away - this is the way psy-trance should sound! With more tunes like this you can't help but dance and grin all the way down the rabbit hole :Wink3: review

Review by PKS

Organic Records strikes back with a new compilation. We get a nice colourful cover art and a track list with several well known psytrance artists from the UK. These tracks is already tested on dance floors worldwide by Chris Organic and Andrew Humphries.

First out is a collaboration between Dick Trevor (most known as one half of The Green Nuns Of The Revolution and his latest Jumanji project) and Aphid Moon (Jules Hamer), who is to be found everywhere these days. I often find tracks with Aphid Moon involved very monotonous and little varied. This is a pretty drifting track, but very monotonous. In the middle of the track, things start to happen, and we get some melody and a break. Track 2 is also a track by Aphid Moon, but here he has collaborated with Chris Organic. This sounds like a typical Aphid Moon track. Hard, pushing beats without much variation of sounds. After a while we get some melody and variation in this one too, but it could easily have been a bit more of it. This track sort of builds up and become pretty full on. Track 3 is a collaboration between Chris Organic and a guy named Jerry Parsons. This is a drifting track with quite a lot of cool sounds a melodies. There are also some floating sounds in there that makes it really trippy. My favourite track so far on this compilation. Track 4 is by Error Corrective (Nick Howdle-Smith and Dan Warburton). Here we get a totally hard pushing bass line that will for sure make people stump hard on the dance floor. We also get several twisted psychedelic sounds jumping and swirling in there. Good one.

Track 5 is a new track by Voice Of Cod (Andrew Humphries and Colin Bennum), who is going to release an album on Organic Records. This is a cool track with a hard pushing bass line, with some nice drums and voice samples above. Very drifting and with several trippy sounds. After a while, this track becomes really melodic too. Track 6 is by Chris Organic alone. This one is really hard pumping. Pure night time trance, with rough and evil sounds. Track 7 is by a new upcoming artist called Alchera (Sean Davidson). The bass line we get here is really hard and reminds me of some releases on Elektrik Orgasm Records. He continues the night time style, with mostly dark psychedelic sounds swirling and jumping above the rolling bass line. Track 8 is by Mr. Biscuit, which is a project by Andrew Humphries. I really like the drift on this track. Floating vibe, with some really nice playful psychedelic sounds above the banging beats. The last track we get on this compilation is definitely the best track on this compilation in my opinion. It is a collaboration between Unconscious Collective (Colin Bennum) and Chris Organic. This is a really playful journey, full of funny psychedelic sounds, drifting vibes and cool samples. Fantastic finish on this compilation.

In my opinion, this is the best compilation so far on Organic records. I didn’t like the two first tracks very much, but the rest is pretty strong all the way through. review:

Organic Records are out with their 7th release, I did not know what to expect from it and I'm happy to say I was pleasantly surprised. Let's dive in shall we?

1. Blinking Lights- Our journey begins with a basic baseline that repeats itself in a very predictable manner implying that it is about to explode into the main part of the track. You can definitely feel that is not your typical neo full on trance track. The mood is very adventurous and the music takes us deeper into lines and added riffs of percussion and scratchy synths. This track finally relaxes at the end with a well placed sample…
2. Happyland- I have no idea why this track is called like that, it is super serious at 144bpm not wasting anytime and going right into old base drum and such a hypnotic rolling line... clever stereo games, old instruments, just a beautiful skill work all around. This is a progressive track with full on elements. A blend of the old and new, something special here.
3. Hot Cakes- Stepping up the bpm and delving deeper into the meat of the compilation, Chris Organic teamed with Alan Parson's son- Jerry Parsons. The results are excellent. Another old school feeling track with a new edge to it. Intelligent games and manipulations of percussion here, these guys should work more together, very clear separation of sounds and layers that keep playing games and twist at the climax.
4. Switch- The feeling I get from this one is of the first parties or tracks I ever heard. Not in the sense of quality, but in the depth of emotion I felt from trance music, something that naturally gets jaded through the years. The experience is substantial here and this is a dark track. I have never heard much of them (Nick and Dan) and I am wondering why that is. An underground feel of a dark UV light, British space with stomping dancers all around is what I get from here.
5. Its Just a Ride- This is my favorite track by far on the compilation. The samples on it are so refreshing, they actually make me listen and think, not urging anyone to do more drugs, or saying some out of context trippy words... this is 100% intended lyrics to make your wheels turn. 143bpm cruising and atmospheric pads, but the samples are carrying this track into your far away realms in your mind. Dreamy riffs and rays of sunlight with this one... I get chills from it... at the end you have to remember, "It's just a ride".
6. Electric Eel- Finally Mr. Organic on his own. Slimy track, electrified as the name suggest, pitch changes on delays and a very strong drive into a dark structure. Very dancefloor oriented, yet without a heavy kick or bright shiny base. I think if this track is played at the right time it can cause some major havoc at a party.
7. Pole Star- I did not connect to this very much, something in it is in conflict with my ears, and the baseline is not driving the track the way I think it could go. It's engineered well sound wise but I just don’t link up.
8. Oil Crisis- High tech trance from Mr. Humph lots of groove, very different from the rest of this compilation, perhaps the deliverance from darkness into the light of the morning. Indeed a melodic story escalating and the groove is getting stronger, I like everything about this track. Everything seems to be working in harmony here, very well thought out and produced.
9. Neptune Driver- I dig the intro segment then right away with a short sample we launch into a very fat synth that is hovering above everything here, very warm feeling. Great use of samples again, I'm tending to think its Colin's brain behind those ideas as was with track 5. Silly twists and bouncy sounds. I believe the samples are from "Futurama". Tricks and tweaks and a floating feeling that are just what the doctor ordered after the long voyage.

Recomendation: This is not your typical release, it blends the sounds of the old with the new, there is a definite feeling of trance, less of dance floor and more of old school psy. I dug it very much, I like how the different collaborations worked out with each other and not against. Original, bold and refreshing concept for 2004.
Favorites: 2, 3, 5, 8, 9.
I thought these had already gone up. I was just shocked when I came on the forum and all i could find was someone bitching about errr... the lack of silence inbetween tracks.
Well ok I do have a copy courtesy of Colin.

Hmm love the 1st track - blinking lights (exactly what I would say high up on a mountain looking down at those "blinking lights" / or at party and constantly aware of those "blinking lights"-which may or may not be a good thing). The synth/horns as they arrive half way through are lovely-that's the sound to hear very large outdoors-and they vary according to which speakers I play them on-phatt-and catchy!
Error corrective-nice
Alchera-love it
VOC-brilliant-as is the neptune driver

ps love to have a 12" or two of some
its a bit of a sore issue at the mo'..... i'd love to release on vinyl, being a vinyl DJ originally... but its just too much of a risk to invest the huge amount of £££ it takes to press a run on vinyl, for it to be sitting on our shelves not selling.

We are looking into getting a small run pressed up tho, so watch this space.........
We are looking into getting a small run pressed up tho, so watch this space.........

would make me very happy!

perhaps with the attention psy is currently getting in dance magazines, having some vinyl in the shops wouldn't be half bad...

just put some stickers on it with ´the new sound of psy trance - as seen in mixmag and IDJ´
You know the funny thing is the house dj's in Cape Town still play vinyl-it's a terrible shame that trance has or is losing that standard.
I know it's potentially risky. AfricanDopeRecords here make all sorts of beaty stuff and some on vinyl. Apparently everyone dumped their presses in the ocean (is it true), so the only country still to press hot wax is the Czech Republic?
B :rocker: