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Hi guys - a little release info on our new album .. we're very proud to present

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:purple'>NEW GENERATION</span></span>

you can preorder copies from ourselves direct (saving CA$$h) by dropping myself or an email, we will have paypal facilities ready for this one soon ~Watch out for us at liquid con. 17th, omniscience 30th and of course psyproject (further dates to come):


New Generation is a concept album which has taken over 4 months of intense work to create. All of the tracks on this CD have been fully dance-floor tested by Chris Organic and Andrew Humphries, who created and conceived the project. Featuring cutting-edge sound and production by the UK’s leading underground psytrance artists.

Cat: ORGCD004 V/A: New Generation
Released: 4th May 2004
Distribution: Arabesque

Post Production and Mastering: Chris Organic
Front Cover and Graphics: Tim Dow
Additional Graphics and Layout: Chris Organic


1. Dick Trevor v Aphid Moon - Blinking Lights
2. Aphid Moon v Organik - HappyLand
3. Organik v Jerry Parsons - Hot Cakes
4. Error Corrective - Switch
5. Voice of Cod - Just a ride
6. Organik - Electric Eel
7. Alchera - Pole Star
8. Mr.Biscuit - Oil Crisis
9. Unconscious Collective v Organik - Neptune Driver


Label Manager Chris Organic has always been an active figure in the global trance scene, DJing and playing live all over the world. Since working in TV he’s picked up some pretty sneaky production tips which he’s applied to his psy-trance
productions... hence the fatter, deeper sound he's recently developed and the dazzling live sets he's been storming over the past year.

Andrew Humphries is a respected DJ around Europe and A&R/Promotions manager for Organic. Andrew has had several releases on Organic Records, and describes his music as "..dancefloor psytrance with some mad experimentations, plus there must be a message". ‘Oil Crisis’ uses samples to show a critical view of the mainstream, mixed with a twisted sense of humour. Trance with an attitude..

Dick Trevor is the genius behind Green Nuns of the Revolution, Jumanji, and Bumbling Loons. Well known for his impecable engineering and tough cutting-edge sound, he delivers the goods in fine style with his awesome collaboration with Jules...aka, Aphid Moon.

Jules Hamer has released on pretty much every label you can think of. His solo album 'High Diver' on Dragonfly is "a tough, uncompromising but awesomely groovy psychedelic sound (DJ Mag). More recently he's been in the studio working
on various killer collaborative projects with top producers including Chris Organic, Tristan, John Ohm, Lucas and Dick Trevor.

"Two Screens" Jerry Parsons, son of musical legend Alan Parsons is a very skilled engineer in his own right, with a broad background in music production. In recent years he has even given some of his dad’s music some tough, techno work-overs and gone deeper into 5.1 surround than most people thought possible. ‘Hot Cakes” is Jerry’s 4th, and fattest collaboration with Chris.

Colin Bennun is another veteran of the global psytrance scene, having released masses of tunes since 1994. His recent work as Voice of Cod(with Andrew) has really seen his sound come to life, with awesome basslines and fresh, cutting edge leads and effects, always keeping a warm, musical feel. Watch out for the VOC album, late 2004

Error Corrective are one of the hot new talents to rise out of the thriving UK underground scene. Their first release on Transient was some debut, but they’ve followed it up nicely with Switch, guaranteed to be given plenty of time in the night sets.

Alchera, aka Sean Davidson is this CD’s debut artist and a welcome new member of the Organic Family. Literally bursting with psychedelic ideas, Sean is sure to follow this up with some head spinning productions in the near future.
WOW!!!!! can't wait for this.. glad its coming so soon. really looking forward to hearing the Voice of Cod track in all its glory! what a delicious cover too!

I'll have my quids ready on the weekend for this one :Smile3:
yeh dont forget to bring up copies for our cd stall :Wink3:

and andrew.....any news on the back to back thing for psyproject?
Ooooh, this one will be purchased definately!! :Smile3:
m really looking forward to this release i see some same names from the last organic comp which i thought rocked Va - psytelligence so im sure gonna be a winner :Smile3: look forward to giving a blast
Ozric stands drooling.... :mushrooms:
finally received my CD today...thanx Organic, muchly appreciated

gotta say that the hype about this CD has been fantastic, or maybe thats just down to damned good promo work

Chaos Unlimited has this classifies this as Progressive.......

Ok, Track 1 does start off proggy, but it definately aint that. Brilliant production on this track, although Im not too sure if its for me. I like the very psychedelic twisted synth lines throughout. I dont think that voice sample fits in well. Was kinda expecting more from the Dickster, although it does have Jules' characteristics.

Track 2Again, not my cuppa chai, although well produced. This track definately reminds me of some other track.....just cant get it right now..... i think the delay rates and that 'ehhh-eh-eh' synth effect are wot makes it so familiar. Gotta love this solid bassline though. And again, its the same voice as the last

Track 3Sounds very old-skool me thinks. I dont think its my soundsystem, but this bassline is a bit muffled for my liking....kicks in at 1.40min, but still, that bassline gets to me..... I enjoy the odd synth twists and tweaks that occur. Simply, its just NOT PHATT!!!

Track 4 This is the best track on the CD, honest!! Think Organic did well signing on these guys. This track has emotion, and a story. Proper bassline and a sick synth that just keeps getting more 'sick'!! Its alien speak i tells ya... Lovely percussion works goin gon throughout. I gotta say though, that the only problem with this track is the same thing that its got going for it..... That synth ( weow, weow,weow) grabs u by the booboo......i appreciate that resonating bass that occurs every 4 bars (sometimes every8)or so, and then goes into a break when they completely go mental!! again, love the percussion bits

Track 5 Killer track......starts all atmospheric, then this evil bass wakes up. Is this the recognisable Voice of Cod bass? Starts off very slow and easy.... cool voice sample that has some relevance. This bassline just keeps on growing doesn't it.... all-in-all a well written track. Now, who's doing the remix??

Track 6 Love the start....very psychedelic vibes.Not so sure about the crowd in the background. Lovely and clever use of the delay and some cool sounds. Guitar sounds fit in just right. Im happy with the bassline. One word best describes this tune::: EPIC!!

Track 7 Phatt!! solid kick and very good bassline to dance to from start to end. Very proggy. Goes a bit crazy on the synth which is very nice....bit of a mad keychange now and again....GRrrrreat!!

Track 8 Slow start....OOOH, like that old-style twist at 45seconds that gets reverse reverbed.....Classic!! Nice bassline that i can get jiggy to for sure. Bit of a weird ending though.... like the delayed high pitched percussion. And again, another sample that i recognise from somewhere.

Track 9 y does this bassline seem familiar?? very nice use of the voice samples.....but are they the same used in either track 7 or 8 on here?? Very kicking track. Lots of atmospheres makes it yummy for the morning. This one also gets a bit mental towards the end...
I like it!

All in all, a great release.

:crazy: :party2: :speaker: :punk: :punk:
Cant wait to get this one hope its on par with Va - psytelligence judging by the samples and your reviews im sure it will be also cant wait for the release party :Smile3: :bananada:
Have ordered this from Chaos but now notice that it will not now be available until June, what's going on there?. :Sad:

It's a bit anoying when labels can't get there act together and release something on time :mad: . specially when it's holding a larger order up.
Hey Lam -

Sorry the cd is coming late - to explain - we decided to put the release date back a month (till may 31) to make sure we could get enough promotions done for the album. We'd had a few unavoidable delays in getting the tunes together, and hadn't had time to do any advertising or anything, which is really important if you don't wanna drop a clanger. Our distributor (Arabesque) say that this sort of thing happens a lot with releases and is pretty standard across the industry, which is unfortunate but just a fact of life i'm afraid :Sad:

I do understand your frustration , as i buy tunes online myself and when i have to wait for them it is annoying , but it does seem to happen quite a lot. If i'm desperate for new music i get em to send the ones that are available straight away and then the others later - it costs a little extra in postage but at least i've got some new music coming the next day and more to look forward to later :Wink3:

hope you can understand dude

All the best, and thanks for your order! :partysmi: :punk:

Andrew - A&R Organic
thought i'd post the review on this one -


also available here :

oh yea, oh yea! England is swinging once again and to prove it here comes the new cd in time for the summer from the underground uk trance producers. If you caught last year's Psytelligence comp then you'll know it was proper banging - and this is the next step :Smile3: the damn fine artwork on the cover will attest to that - it's a new look and a new sound all round.

To open Dick "Green Nun" Trevor joins forces with Aphid Moon and they provide a very smooth little number which funks and blinks along building very progressively into a tune that will keep us all grooving along very nicely. Aphid Moon continues the collaberation type thing next and hooks up with Chris Organic and they start to raise the intensity. Much darker and deeper with a asphalt underlay bass line which plays the lead role throughout laying the path for a scifi-esque parade of resonant sonic characters. Organik is the next tune too in cahoots with Jerry Parsons and we take a turn for the and cryptic is the feel with a soaring optimism as seriously screehcing 303 lines pick us up before dunking us headfirst into the pounding bass. Error Corrective are next and the solid oompah-loompa bass drives us along as all sorts of deep space station whirrs and effects go off complete with a surreal atmosphere. Voice of Cod serve up another corker - thank the great fish this duo started writing tunes! This one is quality trance all the way through - the vocals are absolutely great, and the tune swirls and judders around us in an oh-so-friendly way :Wink3: I can't stop playing this just cos of the sample and it always leaves me dancing! Organik on his own is track 6 and its another one that machine guns its way out of the speakers carrying more seriously twisted synths. The debut from Alchera is at track 7 and shows real promise. It's a wanderer of a tune - never settling for long at anything and visiting some pretty strange places on route! Mr.Biscuit, who's building a bit of a reputation for off the wall tunes, gives us Oil Crisis - and it's a solid thumper which builds itself up to go a bit tits-up mental at the end. The Unconscious Collective team up with Organik to close and they take the pace down a bit and add a bit more funk while retaining a nice gentle tripped out feel.


This is a real quality batch of tunes - a step on from Psytelligence and likely to re-establish Organic amongst the top flight of uk labels. All the tunes are original and groundbreaking - always twisting and shifting while throbbing and pounding away - this is the way psy-trance should sound! With more tunes like this you can't help but dance and grin all the way down the rabbit hole :Wink3:

review by Ed (Samadhi)

Cheers Andrew

Just got back having been away for a week to find a mail from Chaos saying it is ready for dispatch. :Grin:

Trouble is, I also received the 4 other CD's that were also ordered so now I'll have to wait till I order another 2 or 3 before I get it :Sad: ........Bugger!!

I'm sure it will be worth the wait :partysmi: