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what in tintern abbey are you talking about?
the usual bollocks from psyreviews

Organic Records

A pretty unbeatable showcase of the new UK trance that’s been evolving over 2003: a confident, nonchalant progressive sound that‘s oddly urban, though still acknowledging the wide-open spaces from where the music gets its roots. Kicking off with Aphid Moon vs Organik’s chuggy and expansive Are Mutants; Aphid Moon’s sound mixes nicely with Chris Organic’s, in a tune with great flow and that certainly sorts out the crowd as it raises the temperature. Organik’s Need A Drink is pacey and spicey and gets you buzzing, before eyes are really opened up with Voice of Cod’s We Are Free: great flow, plenty of surprises, a really expansive sound with top-notch production. Organik’s Jellyfish is like a curling beastie at ankle-level that’s freaking you out… subtle changes make it come alive with a snarling, earthy topend. Oh yes. Miraculilx’s Sophisticated is pure instant energy: great runs, awesome sound, really expansive and begs to be turned up; yes folks, it’s a tune and a half and, on that topic, so is Slim Shady from Mr Biscuit. Creating quite a “nobody listens to techno!” stir lately, its playful stop-start motion, sprinkled with sweet samples all underpinned by a driving, foreceful midrange does the business on the dancefloors, and the moment it picks you up by the scruff of the neck for that delicious final stomp is sheer class. POTS vs Chris Organic’s Bring Back The Sunshine is sweet resuscitative trance for the belunched and beloved, and closing track SuperString from Indidginus is purely gorgeous: contemplative morning music, with loads of ticklish melodies to get those hairs on your neck standing up. Which thinking about, is something Psytelligence does several times over, in different ways: this is a wise, effective, blinding compilation -- evidence that London still appears to be swinging.


Hey guys- thanks Damo, glad you like the album. Chris and i are really happy with it ... you guys can check the sounds samples at :
Psytelligence Album Page

it's released on Nov 17 and will be available from all the usual psyvendors....

Be good to each other

Andrew(Organic A&R/MrBiscuit/0.5 of a cod and a hammerhead 2)
Organic Records

p.s see u at chichime for halloween! :ph34r:
easy damion, it's ben here, we camped with you and sketchy steve at Samothraki... fuckin A dude,,,... missin that place every day...very magic!!
just thought i'd say hi, how you doin and all that
you goin infected mushroom on the 22nd?? me and tom are comin down and i think my bro is gonna meet us there, it would be wicked for us all to meet up man...
peace and light
Yeh, think I'll have to be purchasing this one.

Big fan of Organci Records :punk:

Much more original than a lot of the rubbish about! :partysmi:
Yes! Me too! I'm a masiiive fan of Organic Records! I think they're the best and most original label around. Oh s**t, it's my bloody label! Ooops, better get out of here quick.....

Anyone interested in ordering an advance copy for a discount can get in touch with us through the website.....

Cheers everyone,

:hehe: :lol: :smoke:

Nah, u 'd better stay around!!
And do feel welcome!
ahha -red 5 - you be tuned into the 'Voice of Cod' (by Colin and Me)

we're workin on another together.. actually we will be finishing it this weekend - more cod like fun!!!


p.s. i was gonna post a photo of us in the studio but my phone must be doing u all a favor and is refusing to send the pic!! :lol:
andrew nice set at psyproject !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wow: :wizard1:
thanks very much angel - i look fwd to playing at your New Years Party!

I know Spiney, Tim Mcgregor and Chris Organic are playing too - will be wicked... let us know more soon!!


by the way guys, you're outta LUCK! here's the pic of me and colin after 32 hours in the studio over 1 weekend, having just finished track 3 of Psytelligence,'We are Free' - (yeah.. studio tan)


Andrew(Organic A&R/DJ/Biscuit, Cod, Hammerhead)
you know the url by now....
What the hell are you wearin on your head boy?

Looks like the packaging off an Asda shepperd's pie or something? Or hold on, was it Cod in Parsley sauce maybe?

You better think carefully next time, boy, cos Organic demands a certain amount of style, y'know.

He He!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :sonne: