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bumpety bump... :lol1:

well guess what - we got out Colins leather mounted truss thing again this weekend and have finished a new tune (sunday morning.. cornflakes and bouncey bouncey)

mmmmm "Funk Shui - tastic" ;-)

Colin & Andrew
Voice of Cod

hey guys- we're gonna do a launch party for the album early on in January , featuring live and dj sets from various acts on the album....

will be in london somewhere not too far out..

will be a wicked underground party i guarantee...

More info soon i promise ;-)

Thanks everyone for your support!

Andrew(A&R/DJ/Producer) :hehe:
got this a coupla days ago and tis v good!! just gave it the test of putting it behind a snowboarding video and it rocked! (anyone who hasnt listened to trance while watching a snowboarding video (+a large bifta :Smile3: ) is missing out greatly!)

now i wanna go snowboarding
:sob: :sob: *hops off chair and rolls around on the floor beating fists wildly* :sob:

( :Wink3: )
oh no! I love snowboarding too!!! especially with a couple of large bifta's

can't wait to go again! maybe we can go to play at a party in the north of italy, and get a bit of boarding in while we're there... that would be heavenly....


erm.... thanks 4 that fishtastic..... :unsure:

Don't forget y'all that if you wanna buy a copy of the CD, which you should of course if you dont already have one, we'll beat any goddam price if you buy direct from us thru the website....

Price currently stands at £10 including free Worldwide delivery by Carrier Pigeon, even to weird places like the Spratly Islands. Gibber Rant etc.
Organic's soon to be remixed funkengrooven website
Hmmmm.... I just wanted to add some of that isratrance review as it's so tasty (tastier than organic potato that's for sure, readers)

"....This is a great old school, Goa influenced, compilation. It has it all, groove, psychedelia, beauty. This one's going to be a collectors' item in a few years from now. "

wow :Grin:

also got this album (at last!!) and i reckon the indidginus song kicks ass! all the tunes are good, of course, but this one really struck me. does mike have anything else out on cd? :punk:
i know, mikes tune is superb
to be honest i hadnt heard of him until the forum, and that was the first track id heard of his, and its cool as fuck
got some talented forumers on here, suddenly feel very inadequate :unsure:

err if theres a forum cd, must get mike on it i reckon :Smile3:
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (yogi @ Dec 30 2003, 05:27 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> does mike have anything else out on cd? [/quote:e3c9be2227]
yup - but methinks there's gonna be more still in 2003 :Smile3:
:o biggest apologies mister bennun
...and i always thought your surname was Oood, and thats where u got the idea for out of our depth, and so i never made the link with your name and that in the cd sleeve, ok ok crap excuse

revised post:

mike AND COLINS tune is superb!
:lol: :lol:

well, i thought colin sounded upset cos i didnt realise he wrote it too

...and your just jealous no-one has said your tunes are good :Smile3::Wink3::Smile3:
ahem! chris' tunes are suberb, especially the sublime jellyfish... the dance floor never knew what a tune was til waK :crazy: