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Psymeditation is the long awaited Chill-out album from Organic Records. Since the amazing success of the Chill-Out Dreams series, the Organic crew have worked long and hard, scouring all 5 corners of the globe to bring you the best and freshest-sounding chill-out and ambient groove-beats they can find. No compromise, no cut-backs, just beautiful, inspiring, psychedeliciously uplifting and meditative chill-out music. have given the album 10/10, describing it as “an effortless, fluid glide... deep and introspective, yet at the same time euphoric and outwardâ€. We look forward to sharing this magical music and seeing the smiles it creates….

“Continuing in their wonderful renaissance as one of
the best trance labels around at the moment, London's
Organic Records have pulled out of the psychedelic hat
a staggering chillout compilationâ€

Track List

1. Y2E: Yours To Enjoy
2. Lemon Tree- Is There A God?
3. Chris Organic- Tribal Faith (Tribal Vision remix)
4. Pale Moon Rising- Across The Plains
5. Perpetual Loop- In between Space
6. Perpetual Loop- No Idea
7. Indra’s Net- Another Man’s Mind
8. Ganja Beats- Celestial Vibration
9. White Star- Purple Lights

A little about the Artists:

Y2E: Yours to enjoy are a new act from Germany, who’ve penned a gorgeous opening track full of warm melodies, acoustic guitars and delicate pan flutes. Yours to Enjoy cruises with a mellow bassline and gets raunchy when the moment is right. A very special start to the journey..

Lemon Tree: British band, featuring gorgeous flamenco guitar played by band member Mark Kingsley, over a very trancey electronic atmosphere. The scene is thus set for a story to be told, each instrument chiming in and filling the drama..

Chris Organic: Deep, powerful tribal rhythms and melodic motifs combine in a track that’s aroused interest from the Royal Ballet and from contacts in TV and the media! Spiritual vocals answer the call to the wild, on a journey which reaches out to the corners of space and time….

Pale Moon Rising, a British inventor of electronic music interfaces who traveled all over Africa and wrote chill-out music for his PhD! ‘Across The Plains’ starts quite lightly, building to a strong peak which melts into glorious xylophonics.

Perpetual Loop: Organic Record’s latest catch, a new artist who has a wealth of talent, original vocals and beautiful composition. ‘In between Space’ features a synergy between electronic drums, natural percussion and a sublime vocal, while ‘No Idea’ merges twisted synths from the deep of the night with an uplifting chorus of melodies....this is music for the peak of the morning! Watch out for an album from this artist in the future.

Indra’s Net: Indra's Net is mainly Stafford Wilson, a musician and producer who takes infinite pains to ensure his music is as perfect as his ever-increasing skills can make it. This is a track delivered with precision, a step into a swing motion, with a bed of bowed bass under a wash of pads and samples, and asks the question, what’s inside ‘Another Man’s Mind’?

Ganja Beats/ White Star is chill-out music’s crowned Prince, Jake Stephenson, once known as Shamanic Tribes on Acid, also as Alien Mutation, Crystal Moon and Dr Psychedelic, who happens to be a good friend of Chris’ and has put some of his best music our way........ The ‘Ganja Beats’ album is next on Organic! Celestial Vibration is sweet techno influenced chill, which floats through the mind like bubbles in water, followed by the enchanting ‘Purple Lights’, taking the listener deeper into wonderland…
Hey guys - there's previews and samples on our site...

Look our for our party at Cyberdog, Camden on Nov20..


:wow: looks really good judging by the review( and cover).

might have to :smokingr: and listen in
Excellent stuff, great release the would seem to complement the brand no-end. ACE artwork too - Propper conceptual.


:shrooms: :drinking: :shrooms:
Re: The piss/Vomit Andrew

I generally prefer a more modest - yet more sinister - weeping orifice situation...




Errr.... Zavn...




Anyway.... folks... I've noticed a distinct lack of you peeps rushing to our website to buy a copy of this album. Very dissapointing. Last year we sold loads more... COME ON!!!

Nothing's changed... we still offer the best price on the net (£10 including VAT & p+p to ANYWHERE in the World.. even Mongolia my beloved homeland :Wink3:

AND we give free goodies like posters, stickers, even free CDs! youve read the ace reviews.... WHAT ARE YOU ALL WAITING FOR>>>>??????????

get over to and click on SHOP! (before I give this lark up for good and become a tree.)
Hello chris

I read in the M8 that next generation .... gettin reviewd [ WTF ] I'm sure you knew , but the review imo was shocking !!!!!!!

If ur lookin to increase sales of ur label .. start releasin on vynil .....and start lookin for other sites/shops to stock u label .. as u cant soley rely on psy sites .. as not every up n comin dj owns a credit and cd dexs ....

I bought "next generation " .,... good but was dissappointed with the trk layout not enough time between the trks ...

time traveller, thanks for the feedback... tbh, havent seen the M8 review.. is it bad? maybe you got a link or something?

I hear what you're saying about the vynil issue... but:
1) Vinyl too expensive to manufacture, and we can't rely on 1 or 2 dedicated psychos to buy every copy we manufacture so we can just about break even....
2) its also HIGHLY un-organic, as it uses up massive amounts of oil to manufacture vynil... CDs are much better, and until something better comes along, like lossless digital downloads with players that act like CD dexx, its the best we can do

Track layout, not enough time between trax.... SSSSSSsssshhhhhhhhheeeesh... how many times we gotta go thru this.... the New Generation CD was very gently mixed, just the very ends of the ambient bits into the begining of the next track, to prevent silence between trax whan listening at home. 99.99% of people prefer that, but of course, there's always 1 or 2 that have to rant on about it... honestly, I mix the trax straight off the CD and its not a problem for me, when the track ends and the beats are gone I fade the rest out before the next track begins. No Problemo. So why's that not good enough for ya time traveller?

Psymeditation is a different story.. that is much more for home listening, so the tracks are mixed a little more... so far, zero complaints.
I've had this for about a month now, and gotta say I think it's one of the best sounding slabs of chillout music I've heard for ages. It's getting a lot of play round 'ere.

The quality of the tunes is fantastic, just the right balance of 'swoosh' with 'thump', some beautiful tracks all STUNNINGLY produced.
My favourites are Y2E's first track, and Perpetual Loop's 'No idea' is totally a quick peek into the melty eyes of beauty itself, or something :Smile3: Not the same thing at all, but puts me in mind of the upliftinglyness of Kindred Spirits 'Mother Tongue'

More of this, please :Grin:
Cool! Really nice to hear some people are appreciating it!

well, guess what...!

the chill-out CD from the upcoming Tsunami CD is AMAZING... let me tell you! I mean, we're focussing heavily on the chill-out CD for this album, and believe me.. with the ability to have ANYTHING we want on this album... literally, the best of what's out there.... well, you'll have to check it out to see....... is the link to the thread
:wow: i finally got this a few days ago and ...WOW... it's the best chilled music compilation i have ever heard. Twice in a row i have fallen asleep with it playing on a continual loop, only to wake up 12 hours later after some of the best sleep of my life! (that is to be taken as a compliment :P) - totally brilliant!
and, crikey allmighty the lineup for the benefit CD has my jaw firmly lodged in the floor! :cooljump:
Just been tempted to buy this by your comments Psyder, I rely on a few chill compilations like Butterfly Dawn, to get me into a deep sleep...

But this is out of stock at Chaos... Any Ideas if it will restock at any point Chris?? Andrew??

If not will have to wait for the Tsunami CD :Wink3:
ive been meening to order this cd for ages now ... but unfortunately the bank still hasnt sent me a replacement card, as some cheeky fucker stole me other card :Sad:
so ....
i as soon as i get my card ii;ll be on the organic we site ...
and waiting for the tsunami release ...