Organic Records Release schedule for 2004/2005


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Organic 2004/2005 Release Schedule

"Psymeditation" - V/A
Beautiful, inspiring, psychedeliciously uplifting and meditative chill-out music. have given the album 10/10, and have said “Continuing in their wonderful renaissance as one of the best trance labels around at the moment, London's Organic Records have pulled out of the psychedelic hat a staggering chillout compilationâ€

"GanjaBeats " GanjaBeats
Ganja Beats is chill-out music’s crowned Prince, Jake Stephenson, once known as Shamanic Tribes on Acid, also as Alien Mutation, Crystal Moon and Dr Psychedelic, released on many labels including Rumour, Jumping and Pumping (FSOL's label) plus of course Organic's Psymeditation.. A voyage into the dubbyest chill and ambient techno...

"Invasion from HyperSpace" - VA compiled by Andrew Humphries
A chunky slice of killer dance trance... Organic style - Featuring tracks from the hottest artists around, including Popstream(Spectrum, Alchemy), Jirah(Dragonfly), Unconscious Collective(Transient,Organic), UC vs Chris Organic, MrBiscuit and many more... plus more killer artwork from psyart legend Tim Smile.

"Digital Wizards: Chris Organic" VA
The first in a new Mix CD series, legendary Dj of the global trance scene mixes a seamless voyage into the psychedelic realms of trance, featuring new unreleased music and special tracks he's been caning on dancefloors across the planet... this is will be a big seller!

"Voice of Cod" - We Are Free
Due to an unprecedented amount of excitement this release has been brought forward to satisfy the legions of Cod fans!! They've been called "The saviours of UK trance" by and kicked ass on Transients 'UKTrance' compilation alongside Dino, Tristan and Cosmosis - Voice of Cod's debut album is one of the most exciting releases of the year for Organic!!

"Perpetual Loop" - title TBC
Organic Record’s latest catch, a new artist who has a wealth of talent, all original vocals and beautiful composition. Mixed stunning vocals and uplifting chorus of melodies in a down tempo groove. This is music for the peak of the morning!...