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Hi Guys - here's the official press release for the 3*CD project that's had the organic team more busy than ... well more busy than we've ever ever been before!!

Please post comments and or reviews here


Andrew (Organic A&R)

p.s. you can pre-order the Cd from our website or from Chaos Unlimited

"...featuring generously donated tracks
by the very best in chill-out and trance"

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Barefoot Doctor on Organic Tsunami Benefit CD:
“Every now and then an event occurs so tumultuous
in its impact on society that it momenterily jolts the
group consciousness to a new level of galvanisation...
There is poetic symmetry, at least, in the trance
'movement' contributing in some small way to help
ease the unspeakable anguish and suffering of all
involved and that's why I hope you buy this recordâ€

The Mission
This album is about representing the very best of today’s Electronic Music scene and to market
the album all over the world to raise money for the Tsunami Appeal.

“I want to show the trance scene can stand by its beliefs and pull together when the time comes.
Many people have traveled to Asia and many more have been influenced by its philosophies &amp;
culture in some way, so this is the time to pay back to those who have suffered in the disaster.â€
Chris Organic

Politics, personal and business issues have all been pushed aside to achieve this unique cd which unifies all the major producers and record labels of the trance scene for the first time ever. The album
The team behind this album, consisting of Chris Organic, Emmeline Hawker, Carlo Rossi, Andrew Humphries, Nigel (Revolve), Jake Stephenson and Pan (Etnicanet) called all the top labels &amp; artists
with one request - “Please donate your most special track for this cause...†With tremendous unprecedented co-operation from the Electronic Music community, the album has grown to be a massive 3CD set which is an astounding collection of very special music featuring a chill-out CD
so exquisite, it will easily rival the top UK sellers. Plus, many of the tracks are as yet unreleased or are unique mixes.

With kind co-operation from:
Alchemy, Arabesque Distribution, A-wave records, BNE, Chaishop, Dragonfly, Dtect Magazine, Hom Mega, Interchill, Jumping &amp; Pumping, Mesmobeat, Metropolis, Mushroom Media, Nano, Phantasm, Psyreviews, Revolve Magazine, Spiral Trax, Spliff Music, Spun Records, Square Peg,
Tip, Triskele Management, Turbo Trance, Twisted Records, Ultimae.

Track donations from:
The Orb, Juno Reactor, Future Sound of London, Banco de Gaia, Shpongle, The Egg, Hallucinogen in Dub, Eat Static, System 7, Infected Mushroom, Astrix, Sapce Cat, Eskimo, Pop Stream, Dick Trevor/AMD, Xerox &amp; Illumination, Atmos, Protoculture, Human Blue, Jirah, Wrecked Machines, Safi Connection, Benefactor, Triptych, Chris Organic, Voice of Cod, Ganja Beats, Kaya Project, Aes Dana and more surprises...



1. Future Sound Of London: Papua New Guinea (original mix)
2. The Egg: Lost At Sea
3. Shpongle:Once Upon The Sea Of Blissful Awareness (remix)
4. Gaudi: Tutta Pe’ Me
5. *The Orb: Appletree In My Back Yard (Youth Remix)
6. *Ganja Beats: The Gift
7. Aes Dana: Iris Rotation
8. Chris Organic: Tribal Faith (Tribal Vision remix)
9. Hallucinogen In Dub: Angelic Particles
10. Juno Reactor: Angels &amp; Men
11. Kaya Project: Rise Above

1. *Jirah: Healer
2. Atmos: KNS
3. *System 7: Planet 7 (Son Kite remix)
4. *Benefactor feat. Chris Organic:
Helium Dreams
5. Protoculture: Avalon
6. *Infected Mushroom:
Elation Station (Beat Hackers remix)
7. AMD feat. Dick Trevor:
Don’t Look In There
8. Space Cat: City Of Dust
9. Astrix: Sex Style
10. Alien Project: Aztechno Dream remix

1. Banco de Gaia:
Down from the Mountain
2. *Eat Static: Epidemic (2005 remix)
3. *Pop Stream: Oom Da
4. Eskimo: Survive Your Dreams
5 *Wrecked Machines: Check In
6. *Triptych: Access All Areas
7. Safi Connection: Vainish
8. Xerox &amp; Illumination: Night Shift
9 *Voice Of Cod: Just A Ride (remix)
10. Human Blue: Atom

* denotes an unreleased track or a unique mix

Artist Info:
A combination of some of the best underground electronic acts since the mid-70s mixed in with the cream of the new psy-trance and chill-out/ambient global underground scene.

CD1 (Chillout CD)
The ambient CD is also full of some legendary names such as pioneering ambient act The Orb, who had major chart success in the early 90s with single “Little Fluffy Clouds†and album, “Adventures Beyond the Ultraworldâ€. Also electronic innovators and the mainstay of many a chillout
album Future Sound Of London with the very rare original 12â€mix of huge hit “Papua New Guineaâ€. There are stalwarts of the underground festival and psychedelic avant-garde techno rock band The Egg and seminal psy-trance act Juno Reactor who interpreted the energy and dynamism of the early goa scene to release “Transmissionsâ€, lately the hugely-influential “Bible Of Dreams†and who had more-recent releases on the Matrix soundtrack. Also featured are Banco de Gaia who for many years formed the backbone of the Planet Dog record label along with Eat
Static. Banco’s first album “Maya†hit the top 40 album charts and paved the way for the awesome “Last Train to Lhasa†and “Live at Glastonbury†albums. This is supplemented by acts who have emerged as ambient/chill-out musical innovators, such as the much-admired Shpongle; Simon Posford of Hallucinogen fame and Raja Ram from Tip Records. There’s a track from World Beat enthusiast and renowned remixer Gaudi, who’s just
finished a Scissor Sisters and Bob Marley remix and compiled and featured on many Ministry Of Sound releases. Kaya Project aka Seb Taylor adds his haunting touch to the album and then there’s the most ambient and other-worldy of producers in French act Aes Dana, whose label Ultimae has become a home for some of the best of Europe’s chill-out acts. Ganja Beats is the dub offshoot of Shamanic Tribes on Acid, one of the UK’s original Goa bands.

CD2 &amp; 3
Acts on the full-on dance CD include System 7, who played at the first Glastonbury dance stage in 1995 and whose members include Steve Hillage, one of the originators of seminal electronic
act Gong and Planet Gong in the mid-70s. More recently they have worked with Derrick May, Alex Patterson (The Orb), Carl Craig, and Laurent Garnier, and their track off their much acclaimed album “Encantado†is an exclusive remix by the very respected Swedish progressive
trance leaders Son Kite. Eat Static, the underground dance-music stalwarts who’ve been around since 1989 when they played on the same stages as a young Paul Oakenfold and Carl Cox, headlined Glastonbury
dance stage in the 90s, played there on the Glade stage last year and with a string of releases are also present with a special remix of Epidemic.
From the younger and more recent trance producers, there’s Israeli heavyweights Infected Mushroom, probably the biggest hard trance act in the world and due to play alongside Paul Van Dyk later this year in America. From one of the biggest psy-trance labels in the world
currently, Hom Mega, Astrix graces the CD with his considerable talents which have led mainname trance DJs like John “00†Fleming to name him as their favourite trance artist. The Israeli fullon sound which recently sold out Brixton Academy with the Psychedelic Academy and saw 5,500 trance and hard dance lovers descend on Alexandra Palace in London where the beforementioned performed is also well represented with tracks from equally impressive artists Space Cat, Safi Connection and Organic Records’ latest discovery, Popstream.
Showing the truly international nature of both the psy-trance scene and the compilation are artists from Sweden, Human Blue and progressive master Atmos, South Africa with the softer Protoculture, Brasil with Wrecked Machines, and France with the uplifting Triptych. Which
brings us back nicely to some of the homegrown UK trance scene artists also represented Eskimo, the Wayne Rooney of Trance from Phantasm Records, AMD’s Dick Trevor (studio partner of Danny Howells, one of DJ Magazine's Top 20 DJs) and Jules (Aphid Moon) and from Organic Records, Voice of Cod and Benefactor featuring Chris Organic and Colin OOOD.

Quotes about prevoius Organic Records releases:"

pounding, hands in the air mayhem!" M8 magazine
The best form of hard dance music around in the last decade... the [psytrance] sound , fuelled by labels like Organic" DJ magazine
Organic's latest compilation hits the shelves with full force taking the label to new heights.There's not a weak track on here†Upfront Magazine
"One of the best trance labels arond at the moment...a staggering chillout compilation - an effortless, fluid glide†Damion,


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Inside the Bristle Marshmallow
yay! i'm well looking forward to getting me grubby mitts on this one :Smile3:

lol @ junya being the wayne rooney of psy :lol1:


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where the wild things are
got mine on order, fantastic you guys! so much work and it's going to make such a difference! much love and good kharma vibes your way *waft*

dj chris planet

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Well done Chris , Andrew and crew
An amazing idea guys and to do it so quickly is just brilliant.
I shall be getting myself a copy for sure.

Chris Organic

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The Organic control centre
Ok, sorry to sound really dull and stuff.. but you can pre-order your copy (which would really help us with the costs we're running up) by going to our website, or by hitting this link: (this link is a short-cut to the buy-now page)

The box set costs £15 including p+p to anywhere.

Apart from that, Chaos unlimited are also doing pre-orders for a similar price.

Thanks everyone!

Lucid Dragon

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Bath, UK
im not board either...
infact im ordering my copy from chaos right now ...
couldnt do it through the organic site tho ... i dont think pay pal and my card get along very well

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nice one guys. Just wot we need.....a Band-Aid of psy Trance.

wikid wikid.

Brilliant line-up....i especially cant wait to ear the unreleased pop stream tune...

U guys at Organic have been working long looooong hours on this project. Nice one man. Hope it all pays of for everyone.
Make money (for charity)


Chris Organic

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The Organic control centre
Its good if you all let us know what's happening.. like problems ordering thru our site etc.. so we can try and figure them out. We're going to change the way our paypal system works for people who may want to order more than one copy, have an alternative delivery address, etc.

And yes, we have been working very long on this. Unfortunately we've had a few delays on the manufacturing side, but these will be sorted soon.

Meanwhile, here's a glimpse of some of that beautiful artwork we said we were working on... well worth the wait, I'm sure you'll agree
(dammit! was meant to give us all a good laugh, but the upload thingy isnt working!)


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Fell asleep on Beula's porch
Just to let you know Chris, I ordered through your site days ago via Pay Pal to an alternate address and it went through fine.

It has been an extra special effort by the sounds of it :Smile3:

Do you have an ETA??? I'm rubbing my hands in anticipation here.

Chris Organic

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The Organic control centre
Ok, here it is.... the cover in all its glory.


Well worth all the hard work, eh?


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I GOT ONE COMIN I GOT ONE COMIN fank you mister chris... you is doing a wonderful wonderful job

x x x x x x x x x


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carlo has a degree in auto mechanics.. that's how we got the hatchback flashback happening.... but art... i don't think carlo knows how to spell that...

:Smile3: DR LOVE come in and defend yourself!!!

lookin fwd to rockin with u all when i'm back from OZ!