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    Orion Platinum 5.5 Rocks!!!!
    I use it almost exclusively- its just super intuitive and lets me get on with making music.
    Some killer features:
    -Sampler has built in GrooveSlicer (don't need Recycle)
    and tons of modulation possibilities...
    -Midi Learn function for all knobs, sliders, etc... even vst's can be readily mapped to controllers- LIKE CAKE!!! easy as it gets... all controller data can be edited...
    -Wasp synth- you can do ANYTHING with the wasp- like an ES-1 meets the ES-2 but grittier and more present...
    -Drum Generator- front panel editing allows for 4 bar patterns without opening the piano roll- a la Battery... One Sample Per Key/Pad but then you can open each sample for pitched piano roll editing...
    -Audio Editing- with or without snap-to-grid simply intuitive and easy way to edit audio and lay out longs sections of little bits - or break big things up into little bits...
    the mixer rocks too...
    and you can render at 32 Bit IEEE floating point 96Khz sampling rate wav file... for SUPER high quality sound...
    the sound in this program is SUPER clean if you don;t overdrive it:Smile3:
    i Love Orion!!!!!
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