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Hi guys, can you post some recommendations/opinions on some hardware effects/processing that you use, have used etc, so we can get an idea of whats good or not.

Ott mentionned the Behringer Composer as a GOOD compressor for under £150, but anyone got any other recommendations or compressors to avoid?

I have used a TLaudio C1 Valve compressor and it was VERY nice, but also £900....anyone used this as well? Worth the money?

Anyone used any hardware distortion units or filter units? Someone was telling me how good something called the Culture Vulture was the other day for giving sounds the x dream crunchy dirt feel, but I've never even heard of it. He was ranting about valve distortion and how it cant really be replicated in software nearly as well.



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I've got one of these...

<Drawmer MX30 Compressor>

but its been living in a cupboard for a couple of years. I really should get it back in action...

I only really used it for putting over a stereo mix from the pc, to give it a bit of analogue grunt and for that it was superb. Sounded smooth, warm, and punchy. I can't remember what it cost, but it was less than £100 five or six years ago, so second hand you should be able to get one for buggerall.


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reach in grab it by the throat and pull it out kicking and screaming.....then dunk it in the creative juice bucket, and beat it with the musical inspiration.
No I understand, sometimes music is all I want to do, sometimes its the most boring thing in the world.....


AlternateContinuum said:

its a simple equation: (job+kid)*wife = compressor/in cupboard

Arrrghghghgh!! :runaway:

That gives me the fear that does...


be afraid....be *very* afraid...mwahahaaa..mwahahaha...mwwhahahaa aaaand so on and so forth