Outfoxed... Documentary about Fox News


imperialist running-dog
Not sure whether this film has been properly released cos of legal reasons (read censorship)

Anyways, some guy got volunteers from MoveOn.org to watch Fox News for 2 weeks and analyse every minute. They recorded Fox 24 hours per day, seven days a week. The film deconstructs the "news", revealing just how unbelievably biased and un-journalistic it is. My favourite bit was when they point out how anchor people say "Some might say..." before coming out with some piece of Bush-approved rhetoric... not only does this allow them to sneak right-wing views into their broadcast, it also breaks the first rule of journalism: referencing your sources.

Certainly sheds some light on why America is so fucked.


will smack you one
The Fox News network is an absolute travesty. During several extended periods of time spent in the States I became truely appauled at the quality (or lack thereof) of news broadcasting. Other networks Like CNN, CBS and ABC aren't much better. As you said, it's little wonder such a huge proportion of American citizens harbour such horrendously ignorant views. It makes me incredibly angry, because for the most part Americans are really lovely people.

dave arc-i

Psyder{^_^} said:
Americans are really lovely people.

I would agree with that - especially when they are IN america and not Iraq, Fylingdales, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and so on!


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Thanks for the heads up on this, looking forward to checking it out.
I just don't watch TV. There isn't even one here if I wanted to. 70% of the time if you turn on a news station you are more likely to hear about the latest celebrity breakup than what is actually going on in the world.

Public broadcasting stations play the BBC news, which is just so much better it is insane, but they have pretty low viewership.


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Sorry for rescuing this from the forgotten box but I've just found it... If someone is interested, it's worth a watch: