Top 10 OVERLAP d.j team Top 10 June 2004 (ZMA records)


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Hello guys and girls:Smile3:
This is Overlap d.j Team Top 10 for June:

1)Overlap - Winds of Changes (Starsound Rec.)
2)System - BrainDamage (Headroom Rec./Unr)
3)Logic Bomb - DataLinks(rmx) (TIP Rec.)
4)Sub6 - Program Flies (Hommega Rec.)
5)Overlap - Don't Ever Again (Harmonia Rec./Unr)
6)Wizzy Noise - Maniac Distortion (Maniac IQ Rec./Unr)
7)Overlap - Tranzition(Maniac IQ Rec./Unr)
8)Polaris - Time Travel(rmx) (Neurobiotic Rec.)
9)Deedrah&Talamaska - Unidentified Aircrash (Solstice Rec.)
10)TimeLock - SkyLines (BNE Rec./Unr)

Hope u like it!:Smile3:
Best Regards
Overlap team!
Good Tops Misha!!

I'm into:
Logic Bombs Datalinx Remix (what a great bassline)
Sub 6 Program Flies (crazy track)
Polaris Time Travel Remix (smooth groove like Regeneration as well)
Deedrah Talamasca Unidentified Aircraft (grows on me more)

Not sure about Timelock's stuff yet? is he releasing on BNE now?? :sun:
thanx for coments!
About timelock,yeap he signed 1 track to BNE compilation,which will be released realy soon.
Data links is quite simply what it's all about. Period.

Vibrant, sinister, uplifting, futuristic, psychedelic for sure, a real story teller.

One of the best moving and well produced psychedelic tracks since a panic in paradise.

F**K me sideways is all I can say.

Well? Go on then.... :lol1: